Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Chill Out and enjoy the Heat

It won't last long, the heat that is. All too soon it will be Autumn and the chill will creep in and we will be moaning the fact that summer has gone.
But is that not The British Way, or anywhere else's way come to that. We all seem to want other than what we have.
As a young girl I had long blonde hair with just the hint of a wave, oh how I longed to have brown curls. I was just over average height and I so wanted to be tiny or very tall depending upon the day.
My younger sister was very petite, also with fair hair, she longed to be tall and hearty and play hockey for Norfolk!
My best friend wanted to be a boy so she could be in a football team.
Today I have a friend who has 3 children and a lovely country home and longs to live in a big city apartment. Her husband works in "the city" and would be a farmer in a minute if he was not hopeless at anything practical, he is useless in the garden and having pulled up a whole bed of Anemones thinking that they were  dandelions is now barred.
It is good that we strive to be what we can, but to drive yourself to attain something that is completely not achievable must do harm.

These thoughts just popped up from nowhere, I seem to be in an introspective mood, perhaps due to the fact that I have been doubled up in pain for the past 18 hours or so. We had our omelette and salad yesterday, and very nice it was, and I pottered around as I usually do while Michael washed up. I curled up in the corner of the sofa and it hit me .
I crawled up stairs and stretched out on the bed and Michael made some mint tea for me, I drunk this and waited for it to help and waited and waited    nothing. I tried Gaviscon, Alkaseltzer and  some pink gloop that Francesca uses, in the end I rang in sick filled a hot water bottle and curled up in bed.
I finally fell into a deep sleep and woke at 6 ish this morning. The pain is all but gone but I feel tender so am being wary of what I eat and drink, no dairy for sure.
I do not feel nauseous or unwell in any way so I am putting it down as being "one of those things" that are sent to try us.The jury is out as to whether I go into work tonight, I will decide after we have eaten. I am not sure what I will eat yet but it will be simple.

I have been skimming through the blogs that I follow and wandering off to peak at others from comments left. There are so many fascinating people out there that sometimes I set my phone alarm so I do not lose all track of time.
I do not follow all the blogs that I find interesting but I do bookmark some, then I can pop in and out a few times to get the feel of them. I am looking for tips and hints all the time and quite often find them in the most unlikely places. A bit like searching for concentrated lemon juice at the supermarket and finding Vanilla paste instead wonderful stuff I am on my 5th jar, I never did find the lemon concentrate.

My copy of the Lakeland brochure came in the post this morning, full of fantastic things that i would like but neither want nor need, just because I like them does not mean that I want them.
The more that I write my blog posts and the more posts that I read the less I want things, I am moving towards a much more frugal way of life, I admit that I am buying fabric, both new and in clothing form from the CS. This is my investment for my retirement, I will never make any large amount of profit from my sewing, but I will have a good supply of materials to use, both fabrics, thread, buttons, zips and so on. this will enable me to keep on sewing without any major outlay for ages.
I am stockpiling in just the same way that i stock up on our favourite coffee when it is half price and buy RTC meat and stash in the freezer.It reduces future spending without any impression on our living standards. Surely that is the ultimate aim of frugality.

Reasons to be grateful

1. Sunshine and lots of it.

2. Michael and his care and consideration.

3. New potatoes from the garden, flavoured with mint from the same garden.

4. Frugal bloggers who share their money saving ways.

5. Michael and Francesca for gamely eating all the recipes that I find from the aforementioned bloggers.

BTW the plates get emptied PDQ and there are no complaints so far.    TTFN    Pam


  1. Hope you are feeling much better -I wonder what it was. Take Care

  2. Hi Pam I hope you are feeling a little better today, there is nothing worse than an upset tummy that put you off your food!!

    The Vanilla Paste sounds very interesting, I have never seen this before, is it from Mr Sainsbs?

    I love looking in or just at the catalogue for Lakeland and wonder why you would want a gadget to "do that" when just a knife would suffice, it does make me smile sometimes :-)

    Take care Karen x

    1. I was very careful in my eating choices, I had a slice of to st this morning and some steamed veg tonight.
      The vanilla paste came from Mr T. When I spotted it there were 6 jars on the shelf and the 3 for 2 offer was on so I had all of them. I will have to start hunting for more.

  3. Sounds like you had a case of the collywobbles to me (whatever they are) grandma used to use that label for every unrecognised ailment going............I shall be very British here and blame the heat.........hope you're back on top form soon. x

    1. It was either the Collywobbles or the "can't help its" Both appeared in our home according to Granny.
      I am much better now, just being careful not to eat too much or anything that might irritate.

  4. I only found your blog recently and have really enjoyed reading it. Sorry to hear that you've not been well. Hope the you're soon back to full strength.

    1. Found you too, and am now following, anyone who is as mad as I am, making jam in a heat wave, is worth following. Now how about the giveaway, you are just a click and a comment away.

  5. Glad to hear you're feeling better. I have never seen vanilla paste here but have seen it on lots of uk blogs. .what is RTC meat?

    1. Vanilla paste is glorious, thicker and gloopier than extract and full of seeds, a little goes a long way. RTC is Reduced To Clear.

  6. Aha! So it was YOU who pinched all the vanilla paste!!!! (No, actually, I don't use it, only kidding.) Pleased to hear you are feeling better. I get very painful episodes now and again which pass off as though they have never been, so huh! What you can't put a name to you can't do much about, can you!

    I stockpiled fabric 'for my retirement' over the last ten years ...and have ended up with much more than I will ever use. I have given loads away to (in the main) youngsters who are starting out on the crafting path, but some of it I can't bear to part with! SO beware! Lx

  7. guilty as charged m'lud, I see that Lakeland have it, so if all else fails I will go there.
    I already have fabric that I will have to be surgically parted from. It just makes a special gift a bit more special.


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