Monday 1 July 2013

Full Fat or Low Fat that is the question.

I have been reading various blog posts on diet and nutrition, healthy foods as apposed to Health Foods.
I am over weight by 5 Kilo to 20 Kilo, depending on what "experts" latest proclamation that you may be reading. if I lost 5 Kilo I would be happy, if I lost 20 Kilo I would be bony and gaunt. I have a large bone structure, hence my big feet and hands, and being thin makes me look awful.

I do not buy low fat/ reduced fat anything, with the exception of skimmed milk as it is the only form that I like it. I do however buy extra thick double and clotted cream on occasion.

I love butter but do to the cost of the good stuff buy whatever buttery stuff is on offer, provided that it is suitable for cooking.

My Granny had it right with her "A little of what you fancy does you good" LITTLE. being the key word.

Strawberries are in season and Eton Mess is dear to my heart, I have made it twice and will probably make it twice more while the season lasts.

My favourite cake is chocolate with a filling and topping of ganache, I have made it a few times this year and we have one slice each and the rest goes to my neighbours or to work.

I cook fatty joints of meat, they are cheaper and the meat is better tasting, but we have small servings balanced out with lots of veg or salad..

Tonight we had bean and mushroom bake, a tin of cannellini beans and a tin of black eyed beans, drained and mixed with 12 or so chopped mushrooms and tossed with a little rapeseed oil some cumin seeds, paprika, salt and pepper and a couple of crushed cloves of garlic. This was cooked for 15 minutes at 180c and tipped onto a bed of salad leaves, diced onion, celery and peppers. There is enough for tomorrows dinner.

I do not buy Health Foods, we eat healthy foods most of the time. I do eat burger and chips, it just comes from my kitchen not from the golden arches. I use beef that I process with onion for the patties, I make the bread rolls and the relish, I make the chips and oven cook them in a minute amount of oil and we have a heap of salad on the side.

There is no set formula, we are all different, I am about to have a cup of tea and something sweet, an apple.
I could reach for the biscuit tin but it would be a waste of time as it is empty. I work on the premise that if we do not have it we can not eat it.

We all like a treat, if you have it every day it is no longer a treat and it is taken for granted.
What do you think about all this, are you on the fasting diet, do you put your trust in the diet ready meals,or is it a slimming group for you?

Things to be grateful for

1. The miniature roses I bought for 50p each.

2. The French tarragon that I was given

3. My lovely neighbour Marina, in good form today.

4. My work colleague Izabella, a joy.

5. My sewing for keeping my mind busy.

I have a stack of photos to share tomorrow so until then       TTFN    Pam


  1. Hi pam. I am following weight watchers but if I want anything treatwise I do count it as my points. I do eat relatively healthy though and do tend to go more for low fat nowadays.

    1. I think that we eat very healthily but we do work at it. Sometimes I will pig out on chocolate, but then it will be months before I touch it again. It is a question of balance, if I eat something with a high fat, sugar or salt content I lame sure that I compensate for a couple of meals.

  2. Balance is definitely the key to a healthily maintained weight Pam, and another is portion control............I used to be one of those people who piled her plate way too high and then suffered the consequences. Because of the allergies in our family we never eat fast or processed food, everything is cooked from scratch straight from my's healthier, cheaper and safer for us.............never underestimate the power of regular exercise, I've just begun swimming again after a gap of about 30 years, I love it and have lost just over 14 lbs in the past month.

  3. I agre with everything you say, we are I should say were guilty of piling too much food on our plates. Then I bought that silver maple dinner service, it is from a time when portions, and people were smaller, now we still fill our plates but there is much less food.
    As for exercise I walk every day with Ben for up to 2 hours and at work I am constantly on the go. I used to swim and am trying to persuade Francesca that we should go at least once a week.


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