Thursday 25 July 2013

Frugal Food and Scrappy Sewing

Here we are again, I have spent 2 evenings playing with scraps, sheets of copier paper and the Toyota.

This is one batch all trimmed and ready to go.

The second batch complete with trimmings.

Looking at them fanned out convinced me to turn the next batch into a Dresden Fan, but I will be cutting the papers into fan blades. Even though it is scrap fabric I am not about to waste any.

I just have to decide on the layout and get these stripped of the papers and sewn together.

I decided to have a fast frugal dinner last night , I did not feel up to too much faffing and none of us really could be bothered about food. 
This meant that dinner had to be light, tasty and quick. I foraged through the fridge and assembled this.

It is 1 leek, 1 red chilli, 1 small orange pepper, 1 small onion and some celery, I stripped the leaves to mix into some salad.

I sweated it off in some of the jeliied chicken stock from Sunday and added 3 cloves of garlic that I grated.

I had the garlic from last weeks shopping 3 heads reduced to 15p and the Philly was on offer for £1 in the Co op and I had a 50p off voucher cool!

Once the veg was soft I threw in some shredded chicken, from Sunday and stirred in the Philly. a dollop more stock until it was like this.
In the meantime I cooked some of this

Whole wheat Fusilli from Mr T's emporium, less than £1 a pack and I used 1/4 of a pack.

I have not bothered to work out the veg as it was all yellow stickered but it must be around 25p
The Philly was 50p and the pasta at most 30p. I used 1 chicken leg, the chickens were RTC at £1.50 so that makes it 40p at most giving me a total of £1.45
The bag of salad was 25p and we used 2/3rd so I will call it 20p bringing my total cost to £1.65 for 3 adult meals and enough for a packed lunch for Francesca. If you count that as a half portion each serving cost the sum of 47.14p.
It was very tasty, took 10 minutes to cook, used a knife, a chopping board, a microplane 1 saute pan 1 saucepan and the spoon and spatula. So minimal "leccy" and not much washing up, 3 full tums and a future lunch.
If I had paid £1  for the philly it would have been 61.42p per portion and still good value. I would normally use Mr T's own brand, bought the plain, it is the cheapest and used my own herbs but either way it is a cheap meal.
On the subject of frugal food, have you checked out A girl called Jack ?,  a compelling blog full of the most frugal food I have come across.

reasons to be grateful

1. Bertie  still in our minds eye and in our hearts.

2. Ben carrying on as normal.

3. Another gentle rain overnight.

4. A trip to Mr S's emporium to find lots of bargains.

5, 12p a litre off petrol because I spent £40. damn right I did to the penny!

That will help Francesca out next time she fills up. 

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts yesterday, they helped enormously.

Time to take Ben out before I brew up.        TTFn    Pam


  1. Pam, I love your fabric choices for your quilts. I wish we had somewhere locally that sold really pretty fabrics. I really do love those that you sent me from your giveaway.

    1. I am so glad that you like them, if you are stuck for inspiration have a look at Missouri Star Quilt co. they have some great tutorials on you tube. Pam

  2. That will be a wonderful quilt, scrappy ones are my favorites.

    I am so sorry about your sweet dog. We lost our dog I December. It hurt for months but now we only smile and have happy memories. I hope that stage comes soon for you.

    1. I do love scraps and do my utmost not to waste a bit. The trimmings go as stuffing in kneeler pads for my gardening friends.

  3. Oh wow, not only eye candy quilting here but also scrummy eats.....loveeeeely blog. I'll be popping over again soon. ;)

  4. Thank you for the link to the Missouri Star Quilt company, am following one of their tutorials to start my first quilt blocks:-)
    Pasta dis looks tasty. I must do some more rigorous costing out to include what I would spend if we didn't grow so much of our own veg.

  5. Gorgeous patches, Pam, and I'm sure whichever pattern you choose they will look fab.

    We arre having similar frugal meal this evening - a pack of You Know Whose bacon pieces, sautéed, with spring onions from the garden, garlic and mushrooms. Packet of mushroom sauce from freezer, and some noodles - all very quick.Oh, and some salad from the garden. What's not to like?

    1. Oh Dear Lynne, I replied via email and then the next few emails i wrote all went to you as well. I dare not send another to say sorry . I am not sure what it is with Outlook but this is the third time this has happened. Pam


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