Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bargains and Beauty

Another glorious day, not so good for those who are working the land sweltering as I do in an Industrial Kitchen with 2 large boiling pots and 2 massive ovens, but I still love it.

We have had the road that runs through the center of our village resurfaced, very nice but very messy. Strangely it was a very quiet operation and very quick, the road sweeper came through on Tuesday evening and at 7.00 am Wednesday one lorry made a pass through spraying the hot tar, closely followed by another swooshing out the chippings, first one side then the other. It was all over in less than an hour. Tday the sweeper has been through slurping up all the loose chippings, well most of them.

This was just before the chippings were slurped up. You can see the sun has drawn tar up to the surface.

I read through a few blogs while I was enjoying my first cups of tea and congatulated a few peeps on all their RDC bargains. After my shower I needed to get petrol and popped into the Co op and boy am I glad.

Part of my haul.

Over 3/4 lb of meat for 79p

All together I bought,
 5 packs of the best sausages at £1 per pack 
4 packs of 4 beef burgers at £1 per pack
4 packs of Pork Spare Rib chops between 79p and 83p per pack
4 packs of 2 Chicken breasts topped with cheese and wrapped in bacon
2 packs of flour tortillas at 30p per pack
2 sachets of fajita seasoning at 10 per pack
2 packs of root ginger at 10p each
4 red peppers 10p each 
A lonely head of broccoli for 15p  

all of the meat is now in the freezer, the tortillas have been wrapped in packs of 3 and frozen.
The ginger is destined to become ginger beer at the weekend and the veg will be used in the next 2 days.

I do love a bargain.

Now to the beauty.

This spray of roses is all the prettier for being backed by the dead flower heads of my Firethorn.

This Lily glows in the sun shine.

This little pretty was "free to a good home".

Another Rose, I wish that you could smell it.

And the fairest by far.

My friend from Poland had her baby, this is her first day home from hospital.

Reasons to be grateful

1. A freezer full of bargain buys.

2. A new baby, healthy and loved.

3. My first cup of tea in the morning, pure nectar.

4. The hum of bees in my garden.

5. The cool tiled floor to soothe my hot feet.

A good day all round, I feel fighting fit after an easy night at work and am looking forward to Friday and Sunday off, it should be Saturday as well but I agreed to work so that a colleague could get a break.
Only 2 and a bit weeks and all this madness stops for me, I will go back to my 3 day week and will probably spend the first few days giving the cottage a good fettling.

Then we have our  trip to Wales and granddaughters first birthday. We are already planning for next year and hope to rent a big cottage for 2 weeks and have James, Cerys and the children with us.

Francesca had an interview last week and is on tenterhooks waiting to hear back, as they approached her we are all hoping for a positive result. 

I think that is me up to date and I have caught up with replying to all your comments, last 24 hours before I dip my hand, or someone elses into the Hattish Thingy so if you want to enter the giveaway do it NOW.

And now the time has come,      TTFN    Pam


  1. HI Pam, you got some real freezer bargains there. I obviously shop at the wrong time because I never seem to be in the right place at the right time.
    You have some lovely reasons to be cheerful and even more good times to look forward to.

    1. I try to be positive if I can not be cheerful, life is too short to repine.

  2. I'd like to enter the giveaway please - and thank you for visiting by the way:-)I have an English hand pieced patchwork to finish (tiny hexagons and only taken 28 years to date) but I'd love to try my hand at some block quilting. Your quilts are stunning.

    1. I would love to put you in the draw but you need to follow first, and would love to see that project.

  3. Awesome bargains. I love to fill the freezer with meats.

    1. I can not resist a good bargain, provided that it something that I either use already or would if I could afford it.


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