Sunday 7 July 2013

Hazy Lazy Sunday, Bring it on.

Lawks a mussy, another glorious day, same as yesterday minus the laundry.

Today I went to Lynn to visit Mr S, he very kindly sent me a stack of vouchers for money off shopping and petrol if I spent £40. A much better deal than the one Mr.T offered me.

I made my list and off I went, I should say we as Francesca very kindly drove me in her car. I stocked up on  some basics and filled some gaps in the larder. I was careful to keep just over the £40 mark.

I did find a very pretty little heart shaped tin of chocolate hearts on a 25% off promotion so had 2 of those for stocking fillers.

I did not look for RTC items as my fridges are full and it would be an unnecessary expense., Francesca treated her car to a spin through the wash and I treated her to a tank full of petrol using my 12p off a litre voucher.

My treat was not driving and time for a leisurely browse round the non food departments. I found an ice cream scoop, just like the old mashed potato scoops from school dinners days, I will use it for measuring cookie dough and filling cup cake liners, that way they will all be the same size.

Every thing has been put in its allotted place and I am in mine, my chair in the shade with a cup of tea and a book to flick through. Lush, good times for all.

Ben and Bertie are snoozing, I took them out for a gentle stroll at 6. this morning and it was pretty warm then
my tea is getting cool so it is                  TTFN       Pam

PS, I am approaching the 100 post mark so am thinking of a little giveaway, watch this space. Pam

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