Thursday, 11 July 2013

99, love it or what

Here it is , Post number 99, a bit of a teaser, just like the ice cream. Soft swirly ice cream in a crisp cone with a flake in the side. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

To me it was a soggy cone filled with tasteless gloop that melted before it could be eaten, trickling through my fingers and cascading down my arm to drip squelchingly off my elbow on to my skirt.

My Granny however loved them and would demolish one in the blink of an eye, she cared not that they were made with a powder mix and water, she would not have recognized an additive if she tripped over one. They were the only "junk food" that I ever saw her eat.

Before we had a fridge all cold food was stored on a marble slab in the north facing pantry and ice cream was a rare treat on a trip to the seaside, usually with the Odd Fellows or Buffs annual outing.

I had a little trip to Wisbech today, to get paint for the conservatory. While I was there I popped into Button up & Stitch, my local Quilt Shop and a favourite destination.

While I was making my selection a delivery turned up and I had a sneak peep at some of it, pretty pretty pretty, I almost drooled.

I thought that it was a sign to give you a sneak peek at my purchases.

Oh dear, it is a bit blurry, by accident or design, he he. Tune in tomorrow and have a proper look.
There will be a give away for followers to celebrate my 100th post and if nobody enters I will just bite the bullet and use it myself, but I hope to be flooded with entries.

If you have not had a look at the button up & stitch website you do not know what you are missing. It is a small shop and I could spend a few hours there on every visit. The range of fabric is superb and I have seen nothing that I would not buy, even the browns are lovely. I never thought that I would say that!

Easy peasy dinner tonight, baked potato with coleslaw and cheese and a pile of salad, fresh mango for pudding, yummy.

Work tonight, and then a night off on Friday followed by a straight run at work from Saturday to Thursday.
Then it will be some serious play time.

And now the time has come....................TTFN    Pam


  1. I never was a lover of the 99..........but me and my nan used to love a strawberry mivi iced lolly on a Sunday afternoon........we used to sit side by side slurping on our mivi's while watching the Sunday afternoon western on the tele..........happy days.

    Congratulations on reaching your 99th post Pam.........that fabric buy looks quite lovely.

    1. It was pineapple mivi for me, I did not really like ice cream on its own very much. That changed when I made my first batch, now I make around 5 batches a year. Believe me we would eat ourselves ill if it was there for the taking.
      Come back tomorrow and have a proper look at the fabric.

  2. I worked in a q uilt shop for many years, and the daily deliveries were one of the highlights! Unfortunately still have too much fabric and too many quilting books from those days! But it was fun work!
    Still love the 99...don't tell me what is in it! I live in the US, so it is not a steady diet!

    1. I have no idea what was in that gloopy stuff, I just did not like it. I could eat home made by the bucket full though.

    2. I have no idea what was in it, I just knew that it was a powder mix. I love homemade ice cream just a bit too much.

  3. 99 definitely my favourite too Pam, has been since I was a kid!!

    1. I sometimes had an ice cream from the van on Norwich market place, I can not remember what the name was but it was a solid ice cream and not too bad.
      I make a dark chocolate ice cream and put chinks of brownies in it, but only now and then.


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