Tuesday 9 July 2013

More work, less play makes Pam out of sorts.

I am working Sunday to Thursday this week as we are so busy and people need holidays and rest days, I am not alone in this. The two trainees came for one night decided the work was too hard for them and did not return.

I was so tired yesterday that I could have had a lead role as a zombie with no make up,

It was all that I could do to function on a basic level and left off early this morning as I was too tired to work safely.

I hate being so tired, I like to be busy but work is beyond that, we are flat out and are chasing our tails trying to keep up with demand. I find myself clamping my teeth together so as not too snap at people who are trying to perform tasks that they are under skilled to take on.

I show no such restraints when speaking to the powers that be though, I am quite happy to discharge both barrels at close range at any member of "the management" who has the temerity to ask me stupid questions.

Eight hours sleep and I am back to a reasonable state. I did not manage time in the garden apart from watering the pots but I emptied the laundry bin and then the ironing basket.

I also pulled everything to the middle of my little conservatory and washed the walls and paintwork down, I want to paint it out at the weekend, I envisage a trip to see B & Q to purchase paint tomorrow.

I will have to paint on Friday and Sunday as I will be in Kings Lynn on Saturday, it is the Quilt Festival and Francesca and I will be nosing round the sales tables and having a good long look at all the exhibits.

Two nights on the trot we have had Ding Dinners, but they are home made and come with a generous serving of salad or steamed veg. Tomorrow will probably be the same, but then that is why I have a stock of ready meals in the freezer.

I turned one of my kitchen cupboards out today, I would like a pressure cooker and need to make a space to store it, if it does not have a home it will not come here. That is my house rule, one in one out.

I am working on my 100 post give away and am talking to the lovely ladies at Button up and Stitch in Wisbech, BTW that is a little clue.

I must fly and get ready for work.           TTFN    Pam


  1. Oh Pam, Pam I have been there, haranguing managers about low staffing levels and the like, some things never change. I wondered which quilt festival you meant then I realised you are probably going to see Samphire Quilters ...I was one of the early members and on T'Committee for years... but there comes an end to every thing, and I did my final quilt show years ago, but still keep in touch with some of them Hope you have a good time. And REST when you can! Lx

    1. Some things never change the work place is in a constant state of upheaval but hey ho, I get to go home and as I leave I switch off work mode.
      I am looking forward to seeing the Samphire Quilters work but could not see myself joining a group, I am not good at setting aside a set number of hours on a set day for anything. If it was not for Sky Plus I would not see much tv, I record and waych when convenient. Pam x

  2. Oh dear Pam, you sound absolutely exhausted................I think after this stint of work a little TLC will be in order.......................enjoy your day out at the Quilt festival, I hope you come back a little more relaxed. xx

    1. I admit that I was cream crackered but had a good sleep this morning and am firing on all cylinders today. Pam x


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