Sunday 28 July 2013

The Hug Quilt Grows.

Happy Sunny Sunday
A beautiful morning after last nights rain, all clean and shiny!
I did a little more sewing on the Hug Quilt yesterday and am very pleased with it so far. I have planned (sort of) the next fabric to use but of course once I get it under the needle anything might happen. Now I will never admit to saying this but ..........................sometimes just sometimes I think that I have too much fabric to choose from. GULP.

Anyhow have a look. This is the block so far with the next possible row.

Step one you add a little gray.

Step two you try a little blue.

Step three you add a little brightness
Well that sure seems like heaven to me

Or Does It?

How about

The jury is out and I am going to have another rootle through the Stash

As I sew the rows on I use leaders and enders, these are blocks of fabric that sit under the needle at the end of each row meaning that I save on thread. I could use a couple of scraps until there is more thread than fabric then chuck them and pick 2 more bits. But waste not want not and being a scrapaholic I do this.

All the little squares and strips from my cutting get slowly stitched together and they grow, boy do they grow.

You will see that here and there I have put a pop of colour that does not appear in the quilt, this is just to add a little interest and because it was there when my hand dipped into the scrap bin. When the block are done, there is a way to go yet as I want them quite big, I will sew all these scrappy blocks together and make cushion covers. When I sit up in bed with a mug of tea and the lap top I find that a cushion in the small of my back makes it more comfortable so when I sew a quilt I try to make at least two cushions.

Food Update
I have been pretty good about sticking to my plan, however on Friday I started sewing at around 12.30 and it was gone 6.00 before I realised that I had eaten and drunk nothing all afternoon, I was so focused on my sewing. Michael had gone to Nathans ( my work partner) to build a picnic bench and I lost track of the time. It was only Francesca ringing me that brought me back to reality.
I had some chicken and salad with a freshly made bread roll. Oh yes while sewing I made a batch of bread. 1 Kg white flour, 200g Rye flour, 1tsp sugar 2tsp salt.10g easy cook yeast and I used some flat cider diluted with water as the liquid, yummy!
Any how Saturday I did exactly the same, I had a banana for breakfast with half a mango and much later realised that it was nearly dinner time.
Jacket spuds in the ding oven to part cook while the oven went on, Francesca had made a batch if choc chunk cookies so it was not completely cold, What's that? why choc chunk? easy we had no chocolate chips, waste of money, she chopped a bar of basic chocolate into chunks, much better.

We had jacked potato with cold roast pork and a pile of salad, I had the smallest potato 1 small slice of meat and a heap of salad (free from work!). all good so far . then disaster struck

In the freezer I have some ice cream, not just any ice cream, Ben and Jerry's Phish Food oooooh
I have to tell we had  Ice cream sandwiches made  with the cookies.

WICKED and probably two days worth of calories and a months worth of sugar but sooooo goooood.

and after all "we're worth it"

That is it for today I am into the garden for a while then a bit more , sew, press,cut , rinse and repeat.
Dinner today is IFFITS and I will not be held responsible.     

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Francesca's cookies, so naughty so nice.

2. Michael out of my hair allowing me to sew with no distractions.

3. A good night at work, early finish and in bed by 4.00am.

4. A cool morning to get out in the garden.

5. A trip to Button Up and Stitch tomorrow to get batting for The Hug.( there is every chance that some pretties may fall in my bag)

TTFN                       Pam


  1. Too much fabric Pam? Never!!

    1. My tongue was in my cheek, I am off to shop tomorrow and there is a sale on at Button Up and Stitch, you ought to have a look at their website.

  2. And those sales are so-o-o-o hard to resist! This weekend was Wray Days in my town, and we had tables of hi end quilting cottons (including some in your quilt!) at $3.00 a yard! I, being to busy to look, didn't buy any - not a single one - but then I own the shop!!

  3. I may need to come visit, with an empty case of course! In fact I might pop in later just not in person.

  4. Love that happy block with the Bonnie and Camille's Marmalade. I have just made a wedding quilt using this range and it is such a happy, modern pattern I am sure they will love it.

  5. enjoyed reading through your blog posts...great recipes/ vintage sheets too...and chain piecing is wonderful!!!

  6. Ilove your hug quilt! I am a new follower
    xo jan


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