Sunday, 21 July 2013

Slothlike on Sunday

I was just flicking through my latest copy of SEW trying to come up with a cast iron excuse reason to make a Tilda Dolly while enjoying a cup of tea, kindly made by Michael, when i glanced at the clock. OMG would you just look at the time half past FOUR!

Mind you dinner is on the go, there are two chickens, both with oodles of home made garlic and lemon butter stuffed under their skins, cooking away under a foil tent. I will remove this for the last 15 minutes or so to let the garlicky skin crisp up, cooks perks don't you know. There are 3 potatoes in their skins in there also and a big tub of coleslaw in the fridge together with a romaine lettuce from the garden.
We are not greedy enough to eat 2 chickens but I plan a chicken and leek pie for Tuesday and some chicken and pasta meals for Francesca's packed lunches.

I was thinking that I have had a lazy, indulgent day . then I made a mental list of just what I had achieved.

1. a shopping trip to get a bulb for my cooker hood, it blew yesterday.
2. emptied the large coffee table ( you couldn't see any wood) and disposed of all the clutter.
3. tidied the material storage in the bedroom, hoovered and got 2 boxes out to sort through after dinner.
4. hoovered through downstairs and dusted and polished.
5. sorted through 2 boxes of junk and um junked it.
6. emptied the dust containers on both hoovers and cleaned the filters.
7. Wrapped the giveaway fabric ready to get in the post to Anne.
8. wrapped a gift to send to Poland tomorrow.
9. emptied a sewing box of years worth of detritus ready for the CS. the box silly not the rubbish
10. gathered a car boot full of unwanted items to go to said CS.

WOW not such a SLOTH after all.

I watched a new tutorial on the Missouri Star Quilt Co site this morning and fell in love with the pattern, so I will probably be off to my LQS in Wisbech some time this week for some white yardage and hopefully some turquoise.

I want to do some more scrappy paper pieced blocks and I will need to stand at the ironing board for a while, I do try to keep them flat but do not succeed very often.  I may have to pull some oddments from my stash to infuse some new colours, it is all looking a bit samey. I bought a scrap bag off eBay but the pieces were all childrens novelty prints and big pieces, so they are now earmarked for an I spy floor quilt.

Two weeks more of 5 day weeks at work and then back to 3 days and lots of sewing for me. Yabba Dabba Doo!!!
I have withdrawal symptoms, I dream in fabric and woke up yesterday convinced that I had been to Wisbech and filled the car to the roof. It was quite a let down to realise that it was a dream.

I would have been sewing all day but I took advantage of the cooler weather to get these jobs off the "to do" list. When I earn my sewing time I enjoy it so much more, that is my Grannies influence again.

I have to trawl the net to find some iron in fleece, it keeps popping up in projects that I fancy and I keep procrastinating, Button up and Stitch do not stock it so I have to let my fingers do the walking and clickety click my way to finding some elsewhere.

I see that i have some new followers, welcome aboard, I hope to keep you amused and maybe interested.

My life veers from the chaotic to the downright mad from time to time. I hop about from garden to kitchen to sewing in my writing and in my life. I find it difficult to sit still unless my hands are busy, even a good book can only keep me rooted for an hour at a time.
I am always on the lookout for a bargain and try not to let any opportunity slip by. I like to wake up and hit the floor running and then run till it is time to sleep again and then find that 4-5 hours is plenty.
Apart from sciatica and sinus issues I am in rude health.

Right enough about me, I wish you could smell the wonderful aroma wafting through from the kitchen, I am salivating. And now the time has come                   TTFN      Pam


  1. Your chickens smell delicious!!

  2. That's too many jobs for a Sunday!

  3. Hello Pam, not slothful at all! When I read your posts, the things you do sound so much like the same things I do too. Kindred spirits we must be.

  4. I think you have been very busy.Dont you ever relax Pam? (actually I say that tongue in cheek-since when did we women ever take time out to relax, there is always something to do!)X

  5. Nothing sloth like about your day :)
    Bet the chicken smells delicious !

  6. That chicken sounds divine.
    You are a busy little bee arnt you, not a sloth Sunday at all lol x


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