Tuesday 30 July 2013

Tear round Tuesday

I really seem to have my Knickers in a twist today. It all stems from Sunday night, one of the cooks had a half day holiday and just vanished at 2.00 am, as nobody had the sense or decency to tell me never mind ask If I could cope, I thought he had gone for break. I was very busy doing fast cooks and sorting out the storage area to get my stuff to cook so I took no notice whatsoever of the other line. I did eventually click that it was not running but as there were two senior ops working decided that if they couldn't be bothered then neither could I. It was hot and sticky, the fans were not even stirring the air and I was feeling the effects.
When someone finally asked me why I wasn't running both lines I popped, gave my best shot of vitriol and carried on doing my line. I left at 5.30 as I had not stopped for a break still in a major snot and with a raging headache to boot.
When I got home I had a cup of tea and went straight to bed and woke early with headache firmly in place, 2 lots of  "parrotseatemall" and I just began to feel almost human.
I slummocked round the cottage under a black cloud and achieved very little. I got a tub of meatballs in my dark barbecue sauce from the freezer and did jacket potato with them. I managed to finally select and cut the fabric for the last 2 sides of the Hug Quilt blocks and will sew them later.
I got to work last night to find Michael in the middle of an asthma attack so came straight home with him, it took a while for him to stabilise but we were in bed before midnight.
I slept and woke and dozed and woke on and off and got up quite early feeling unrefreshed. I scooted round the cottage, took Ben out, sorted a pile of ironing ready to do and remembered that I have a parcel to post so off I went. somewhere along the way I lost track of time and was convinced that it was over 2 hours later.
So I made coffee, sat down and had a blog reading session and caught my breath.
Now I feel fit to tackle the ironing and will watch something recorded on the sky box, once finished I am going to have a baking session before I sew my strips on The Hug.

I am still feeling decidedly miffed at TPTB at work and goodness help them if I have any C##p tonight,
as the (sort of) saying goes C##p on me once, shame on you. C##p on me twice shame on me. There will be no shame on me!

On  better note, and I should have started with this, I have some new followers and I have found a new blog to follow, I will share with you another day as If I do not start the ironing it will not be started. I know that Francesca does it at the weekend but there is a pile and she is still not herself.

Reasons to be grateful

1. A lovely bright day but a bit cooler.

2. A lovely new blog to read.

3. Michael feeling better.

4. Ben being all cuddly.

5. A plan for the future finalised and ready to be put into action.( more at a later date)

Enjoy what is left of your day.    TTFN     Pam

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  1. Hope you had a better night. Ridiculous not to let you know you we're going to be short staffed:-( Don't envy you the ironing though, hope you waded through it successfully.


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