Thursday, 4 July 2013

A little time in the garden.

I have a section of garden that I am deeply ashamed of, it runs along the espaliered apples and is not so much a Work In Progress as an Abandoned Project. I made a start on a while ago and then got bogged down with work and sewing and stuff in general, we had some really cold nasty weeks and it sort of slid out of my mind. It was so far out that I walked past it without even seeing it.
Today all the stars were in the correct alignment and BINGO it jumped straight to the front of my To Do Today list.
I told you about my 50p roses and I had a few other "budgie" plants.....................well they were going cheep, sorry couldn't help it.

This is the first section that I worked on ages ago.

I had some broken concrete and a pile of shingle to rehome and this long bed was just a tangle of old ground cover plants and the odd strawberry or two. I dug down about 4 inches, placed random bits of concrete and tipped the shingle over it., I left an odd plant here and there to soften it.

This is the section that I worked on today, same process but I popped my little roses and other plants in. There is still some tidying up to do and I need to scrape round the pavers and fill in with a dry mix.

And then there is this,

The next bit down, Oh Dear, I can see me on my hands and knees tomorrow sorting this out, I do have some more plants and a good job too as there is another 12 ft at least to tackle.

While I was snapping away I took these,

This is a broken pot that I  "rescued"  from a skip years ago and planted up with Alpines, I regret to say that over time most of the plants died off and the pot was forgotten, today I noticed that the Pink has survived and has a dandelion for company so that is now high on my list.

An elderly sage bush, I let it get leggy and when in flower it hums with bees, lovely.

I need to pull my chair forward, my favourite rose is taking over, this spot is sheltered and where I sit with a cup of tea and a book for 15 minutes as often as I can. Sometimes I take my hand sewing out there and stay till my bum is numb. I dare not have a comfy seat or I might take root. You can just see my pot grown potatoes in the foreground, and here is one tub's contents.

Enough for two meals as Francesca does not like new potatoes, not bad considering I was given the seed potatoes as they were long overdue for planting, the compost was from some split bags that I cadged in a local plant growers yard, well I did help to clear the spill up.
The pots came from work, we get them full of olives, as they are white I lined them with three layers of newspaper, also from work.

Reasons to be grateful

1. Bertie is a little more comfortable today. 

2. A job done in the garden and crossed of the list.

3. The taste of fresh salad leaves, picked and washed seconds before eating.

4. Homemade lemonade on a hot day.

5. The prospect of some sunny days ahead.

I have to go to the Post Sorting Office tomorrow, Francesca has a parcel that the Postie, allegedly, tried to deliver this morning and was too big. I have a parcel from America, so excited. While I am out I will pop into Aldi and have a quick look, I have a little shopping to do. I will also buy some bottles for my Elderflower Cordial, the flowers are ready to be steeped overnight and I will be straining the resulting liquid tomorrow afternoon.  I think that it is time now for,     TTFN   Pam

I hope you enjoyed today's gardening shots.

A quick snap of Bertie, this is his good side. He was exhausted after his bad day.


  1. HI Pam. Glad to see Bertie, bless him. Hope you are ok.
    I'm sure you'll get your weeding done and that it will be as lovely as the rest of your garden.

  2. Pleased to hear Bertie is keeping his end up! And Pam, your garden is looking lovely, I do love that little curvy bit. And I shouldn't worry about the weedy bit too much.

    I have a chair out in the garden when I can brave the pollen but ours is a very pollen-laden garden at the moment. I'm hoping that the sea breeze up at Sherigham will save me this weekend as I am camping with the Mollys ,we a re dancing at the Festival. Have a good weekend. Lx

  3. My thanks to Anne and Lynne for their kind words, we are keeping a close eye on Bertie and pampering him beyond belief, I am certain that he thinks it is Christmas.


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