Thursday 1 August 2013

Internet down again

For the past few days we have had intermittent internet access, it has been off for most of today and is now back. I have also lost my easy access to blogger dashboard and have wiggled my way onto a page to let me write this. I will do a further search after.
I managed to catch a repeat of Kirstie,s new show, Fill your home for free. My first thought was Oh Dear Kirstie, you look a mess. I like Kirstie's usual rose in full bloom look but on this program she just looked blowsy. Her hair was messy and her clothes were a mish mash, rather like the tatt that she was touting.
The "slouch sofa " with a pallet frame as a decent idea but the wood needed staining or painting or a fitted cover.
The couple who were furnishing their flat seemed ok, at least she was, in my view he needed a good slap. It is all very well wanting fillet steak if you can afford it but when you have money for burger, then burger it has to be.
I will watch one more episode just in case it gets better butIi have my doubts.
BTW I am not a Kirstie Knocker, I have enjoyed her programs and have a couple of her books. I think that she is a very attractive woman who unfortunately has slipped a bit. We all are guilty of that and if you are shopping/ school run/ library etc it is fine, if you are on National Television it is a difficult kettle of fish.
Right I am off my soap box, feel free to shout at me if you think I am gobbing off, it is just my point of view.

I am off now before it all crashes again.  TTFN    Pam


  1. I tweeted about that show, how her voice was incredibly annoying, almost like she was. Putting. It. On. With. Her. Staccato. Way bod. Speaking! But I have loved all of her programmes !

    1. I caught another of the series over the weekend and it was same old same old, lots of rehashing the same sequence almost verbatim. The washing machine drum coffee table was good but £50 for the glass hmm, I would have scoured Ebay and charity shops, car boot sales and junk shops for one. I still think that she looks as though she is stressed out.


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