Friday 2 August 2013

Baffled and Bewildered of Tydd

Well I am still on the merry go round of access to Blogger. Normally I log on to the laptop, click new tab and up pops all my go to sites including Blogger Dashboard, not since the Internet came back.
I make no secret of the fact that I am not computer literate and I get frustrated when I can not figure things out. Last night I threw the post out in a hurry as I was going to work I also hoped that it would all return to normal but Oh No.
I will have a little play later and see what I can figure out.

Any hoo, two posts ago I noticed that I had been "+ 1'd" having no idea what that meant I clicked on it and a mans name popped up. This man Rupert Bumfrey is British and lives abroad, no big deal really I hear you think. WRONG it is or could be a very big deal. This mans surname is the same as my Maternal Grand father and the spelling is unusual, normally it is Bumphrey. This is only the second time that I have encountered "our" version and I found a cousin the first time.
My Grandfather had no contact with his family during my childhood and he died when I was 19, there were no members of his family at the funeral. This makes it a possible big deal to me. As soon as I have the measure of finding my way round my 'puter again I will be delving deeper.

I looked in the fridges yesterday before writing a shopping list and there was a large amount of veg, some salad and some fruit. We have not been eating our usual meals because of the heat.

I dragged out the juicer and I chopped and diced while Michael juiced and we had 2 litres of juice at the end. It was delicious, carrots, cucumber, celery, courgette/ red pepper, mango, apples and a bit of root ginger. It is ages since we used the juicer, the last few batches were too thick and put me off a bit.
I think that the 1 1/2 cucumbers helped to thin it down. We both had a decent glass full and then a small dish of Pasta Puttanesca for dinner. Usually by 01.00 in the morning I am begining to eye up my colleagues wondering how tasty they would be, as my tummy rumbles but that did not happen.
I know that bloggs are teeming with people drinking juice for umpteen days to lose weight, I also know that I declared that I would not be taking part, and I stick by that. However we will be making a batch of juice and having a glass as part of our dinner for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. I admit that I had another glass this morning and have waltzed round Mr S's Emporium without glancing at anything to munch on during the journey home.It is now over 6 hours since I had the juice and I can truthfully say that I am not even peckish, never mind hungry.
BTW there are some seriously big Galia Melons for £1 and some almost as big Cantaloupes for the same price. These with pineapples and mangoes have to be my favourite fruits, at least out of the imported stuff.
A freshly picked strawberry, warm from the sun takes some beating!

Michael is changing departments and will be working with me again from next week, that means we will travel together saving petrol, win win.

Francesca had a job offer today, a years contract followed by a training contract which will enable her to practice law at the end of it.

I feel so fortunate and if good luck runs in threes as it is said then who knows what may come next.

I was pleased to see that Asda are doing their bit to help the Food banks tomorrow, I will not be taking part in this as we are going to visit Michael's dad and it entails more than 3 hours driving each way. Unfortunately there is not an Asda on our route. The food bank in Wisbech will get a visit from me next week, as it is so close I can pop in and find out what they are short of and then whizz round Aldi and get some.

Reasons to be grateful

1. A fully stocked fridge and fridge freezer.

2. The means to help to stock a larder for some one who needs it.

3. A happy Francesca.

4. A happy Michael.

5. Empty laundry and ironing baskets.

I am off to tippy tappy through the keys to find a way to get the status quo restored on the 'puter.

                           TTFN    Pam


  1. Glad your Internet access is back. I have just passed my juicer on to my son and they use it daily. Better than it sitting unused on top of my cupboard.
    And I DO envy you your empty ironing basket :-)

  2. Hi Pam,
    I told my Swiss sis' about our dialogue and she responded:

    "Very Interesting ! Would certainly be good to know more. Ie whats her mother’s christian name and the grandfather’s ?
    I once had an exchange with a Mr Man in Lancashire area (if I remember correctly) whose father was also from Norfolk and whose name was bumFrey … can’t remember more than that. Maybe it was Mrs Dungars’ brother ? … good luck with continued research …"

  3. RE: Blogger access, it sounds like your start-up tab pages have been removed, or your tab history has been cleared?

    If there's a few sites you use regularly you could bookmark them/put them in your favourites, so they'll always be there.

    Alternatively, for Blogger and anything else that's run by google you can do the following:
    1. Go to google (
    2. At the top of the page you should see a toolbar (starting with 'search' and ending with 'more').
    3. Click on 'more' and you should get a drop down of options.
    4. Click on the 'Blogger' option.

    That should immediately take you to your Blogger dashboard if you're signed into a google (or it will ask for your sign-in details if not).

    I'm by no means a IT whizz, but if you're still having issues, email me at & I'll try my best to help.



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