Sunday 18 August 2013

Sunday Morning and Other Tales

First of all I see two more peeps have joined the gang, Hello, Good Morning and Welcome.
Misquote intended.

I have been sewing and shopping like an automaton over the past few days so to make a change I decided to catch up with my dreadfully neglected house work.
It was infectious, thank you deity, Francesca was throwing laundry into the machine, washing up and chief tea maker. Michael blitzed the living room/front room/parlour, including vacuuming the sofa and putting a new throw on. Then he took the car off to check tyre pressure, oil level and do a quick petrol top up.  When he returned he cleaned it ready for our imminent trip to Wales.

An action shot.
All this energy comes from the TWO bars of chocolate that were his breakfast.

So I tackled the tall bookcase that holds all my rubbish   essential sewing things that I need to hand, plus my sewing books and patterns, small rulers, threads, why don't I just show you.

The top shelf has pens and pencils and 3 sharpeners that I found!, a small Kilner jar waiting to be turned into a pin cushion and some wooden thingies from Australia.
The next has a few books , the phone book, lost at least twice weekly,Staple gun and metal ruler, a little box of note paper and a few leaflets.
Then it gets serious, at the back are my long rulers, I use these with a rotary cutter for most of my projects. On the left is my collection of templates and small square up rulers, and my homemade quilt buddy. I love half square triangles and my way of making them is to draw line on the back of one square as a sewing guide, I do not like sliver trimming so my little buddy enables me to draw a sewing line which will give more than a 1/4" seam but a perfect finished square without spending precious sewing time bent over a cutting mat.
There is a pot holding scissors, stitch rippers and a long gadget that looks like a huge needle, it has a ball on one end and a rounded off point on the other, I use this to push out corners on bags and cushion covers and so on.
There are some embroidery hoops, a plastic box holding bobbins and a tube of fabric glue.

The top shelf here has thread, my battery charger, tins of buttons, ribbons, large spools of thread, sewing machine attachments and my hand sewing project. Under that is a stack of sewing and cooking magazines, a folder with printouts from the web, and more tins now labelled and dejunked.
At floor level are the cookery books that I am supposed to be working my way through and my sewing and crafting books.
A penny to a pound that it will not look like this by next weekend!!

Now to the other tales.
Last night we had Pasties for dinner made by Michael.

He made 3 pasties these are the smallest two, I put my ruler next to the tin to give you a idea of how huge they were, the tin is 12" square. Francesca and I shared one between us.

Michael managed to eat this by himself, albeit in two goes, we had a tin of baked beans shared between the three of us and I was sofa bound for a good hour afterwards.

There was some pastry left so I prepared some windfall apples with a sprinkle of sugar, cinnamon and ground cloves added a handful of sultanas and made two single crust pies.

I put a dollop of plum jelly into each one and was a bit heavy handed, some ran over, a brush with milk and a sprinkle of sugar finished them off, One is in my fridge the other is probably in my neighbour Neville. I gave him one earlier in the day.

Reasons to be grateful

1. Another glorious day.

2. Order achieved out of the chaos that was my bookshelf.

3. Ben snuggled up on the sofa being fussed by Michael.

4. Lots of quilty sewing line up.

5. My bargains from the Charity shop, all washed and blowing on the line.

I am off to prepare Beef Olives for dinner.    TTFN    Pam

Added in cos I forgot.

This is a collection of threads that I found scattered around the house, they are colours that I do not use, they came free with a storage box that I wanted. If anyone would like them I will gladly send them off, just the complete reels or all of them as you wish. Pam


  1. Those pasties are huge! The apple pies are an interesting make!

    I'd love to bagsy the cotton for me and my daughters if no one else has? We're not fussy about half used ones either :)

    Have a lovely afternoon. X

    1. They are yours, if you send me your snail mail address I will get them in the post tomorrow,

      I have carried on round the room and emptied nooks ad crannies of all manner of detritus. I have dusted and polished and am now collapsed on the sofa having a little me time. Ben is snoozing beside me and Michael is watching the TV. Dinner is in the slow cooker and the cottage smells divine.

  2. Hmm, those pasties look good.
    Love from Mum

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. They were good just hope Michael doesn't eat the last one for supper.

  3. Your goodies always look so yummy Pam. I bet they were delicious!

    1. There tasted as yummy as they looked Anne.

  4. I like the sound of your quilt buddy Pam but don't have a clue what it is. Can you out a picture up and perhaps tell us how you made it please? Also if there are any cottons left I would love some. I will be pleased to send the postage. I am off up country on Tuesday to do some babysitting but will log in when I can.

    1. email me your snail mail address then I will send you some, there is plenty for two parcels. Pam

    2. Thanks Pam. I have down this. Look forward to expanding my colours.

  5. Pastry is my downfall - I can never get enough! The pasties and pies look delicious!

    1. Know exactly what you mean, Yorkshire Pudding is top of my list, crisp and hot straight out of the oven.

  6. I had a day of frenetic activity yesterday and got a lot of decluttering done - yes, even in my sewing room! But I am not as tidy as you yet, more stuff to give away.

    Those pasties look DELICIOUS!

    We will be joining you in Wales next week, but I have 4 days at Towersey to get through first - I shall need the rest! Lx

    1. Will you be anywhere near Cardigan? We are in Pontsian not far away. What is Towersey, have I missed a blog post from you?


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