Sunday 11 August 2013

Scrappy Sunday Sewing

I would like to welcome Frugal Queen, I hope that you enjoy reading my, at times, inane scribbles as much as I enjoy reading your blog, it is lovely to think that all of my followers read me and that peeps from all over log on and have a look.

I am having a wonderful day, I woke up at around 8 and hit the ground running. Michael was already up and my first tea of the day was ready and waiting when  got downstairs. There is nothing much to compare to the first cup of the day, whether your drink of choice is tea, coffee, chocolate or ice cold milk, it is pure magic, and the only feeling that I can compare it to is having a pee when you are desperate.

We both got the prep done for dinner and the Pork shoulder is cut into large chunks and is simmering away in the slow cooker submerged in a sea of tomatoey, garlicky, paprika and chilli enhanced sauce studded with carrots and onion diced to around 1/2". We will have some tonight with mashed potato and cauliflower in a little cheese sauce, and possibly some sweetcorn.

Enough of that, down to the sewing. I have been playing with scraps, chain sewing little pieces together, pressing trimming and repeating.

After every sew and press I straighten the edges, Scrappy I like Wonky does my head in.

I find that for me it is best to pick a line and use that as my guide,

Here I picked a seam running up the left top half and lined my ruler up to it.

Trimmed off the edges with my rotary cutter, this gives me a straight edge. I just rotate the block round and use this edge as my guide to trim the rest.

Second side.


Last side.

Then just find another block that fits, sew, press and trim, I do have slanting seams within the blocks, sometimes deliberate sometimes not. I like these after all it is scrappy.
I will keep doing this until I have a large slab of fabric, some will become cushion covers some will find its way into a quilt or a bag or even place mats. Not a bit will be wasted.

reasons to be grateful.

1. A relaxing day doing nothing much and achieving lots.

2. Working as a team with Michael.

3. The empty ironing basket, thanks to Michael.

4. A wonderful TV program about The Mississippi in the background.

5. A steady supply of tea and coffee, delivered to my side all day.

I am so fortunate and I realise it, tomorrow I get my car back from the Body Shop and will be heading to the food bank with a contribution. I will be giving thanks that
A, I do not need to use the bank myself, and
B, I can do this on a regular basis.

And now the time has come                        TTFN    Pam 


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    1. Thank you Anne, I do like playing with my scraps, at long last they seem to be shrinking.


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