Friday 23 August 2013

Feeling Good on Friday

Good afternoon one and all, the sun is shining, Ben is snuggled at my feet, Fran is working in her room and Michael is snoring on the sofa, all is well in my world. I hope that you all feel the same.

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go, apologies to the late, great John Denver, I am tone deaf but I am on a roll.

Hug 2 is ready to baste and quilt, all I need to do is find my basting pins, I just know that if I buy some more I will open a cupboard and they will be right in my face. You can just see the border fabric at the top. Once it is done I will post a decent pic.

The piano keys are mounting up, I have not counted them but I am about halfway through the sets that I had cut up. There are still some strips and small pieces and some 1/2 yard cuts to find a home for.

 I did say my bag was packed.

As we are all in the one car I will not be taking Toya, so I am taking this lot along with some single hexies for joining the flowers together. I will start sewing them together and see how far I get. There are enough to make a double bed quilt or a large sofa throw. I have been making these on and off during this summer and now want to see the finished product.

I know that I am always banging on about laundry, how the three of us make so much washing I do not know, all is done, the last few things are just  on the line and all the rest has been ironed. Warm glow. There is a washing machine and a dryer in the holiday cottage so I am determined to do a wash and dry on the last morning so nothing comes home dirty, best laid plans hmmmmm.

I am off to slice onions and cut potato wedges, I have had a request for my "awesome" onion rings. They are simply sliced quite thickly, separated into rings and soaked in buttermilk for at least an hour, then I shake some of the liquid off and toss them in cornmeal before frying. 
Debs loves them and if David is having "chip" butties she feels that it is only fair to have her favourites as well.

reasons to be grateful.

1. A good days work, all chores done.

2. That feeling of excitement that sort of tickles on the inside.

3. The evening ahead with old friends, who may soon be near neighbours.

4. The new little quilt that I have made ready for the new dog.( I dare not show it, tempting fate and all that)

5. The good weather forecast for next week.

I so hope that we find another dog, if not we will be out and about next week, there are some rescue centers near us but I did not want to put a dog through the trauma of a move here then to Wales and then back. it will be quite different to bring one back with us to its new forever home.

Tea is called for and then I must clean Toya and put a new needle in ready for when I get back. Listen to me, I haven't gone yet and I'm running on about coming back.

So that brings us to                             TTFN    Pam


  1. Have a wonderful time Pam.

  2. Enjoy your trip - sounds like fun to me!

  3. Have a lovely time, and fingers crossed that you find a new doggy.

  4. Oooooh! Will you catch this before you go? We go on Monday, already I am tripping over bags and piles of stuff for packing! Am taking a pack of bacon chop and veg mix from your previous post, Pam such a good idea, I mentioned it on my blog! 4 meals from one pack!

    Have a brilliant time, hope the weather is kind to us both - I see we shall be having some rain bit some sun as well, and warm with it. Cartch you when you get back! Lx

  5. Have a good break, hope you find a dog who's right for you all:-)

  6. Have a great time on your holiday. We are on ours at the moment. Gone down to the states to Spokane and Seattle Washington. We work our way back up the coast to B.C. and visit with DS2 and then to the Okanagan valley to visit my sister and friends. Then, before you know it, it will be time to get to the other side of the Rocky Mountains and home after the Labour Day long weekend. Time flies when your having fun (and shopping.

  7. I hope you have a wonderful time! And I hope you find the perfect friend to give a new home to. I love love those hexie flowers and can't wait to see it finished!
    xo jan

  8. Have a wonderful time and find a beautiful new dog to love.

    Sft x


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