Monday 12 August 2013

Happy Happy Thrifty Tuesday

I'm H A P P Y, RINSE AND REPEAT. Sorry for shouting but I am over the moon,I have just been given an electric 1930's Singer sewing machine. I met up with an old work colleague the other day in the Co op and told her all about my Singer in a table that I found in Suffolk. She obviously told a friend who mentioned it in passing and just like Chinese Whispers someone ended up up hearing that I was desperately looking for a Singer in a Table I just had an email from the first friend who has her Mothers machine "Cluttering"!! up her Front room and would I like it. Would I Like It, as the saying goes "is the Pope catholic" Of course
I would like it, I would love it. It is only 5 minutes away and I will get it during the week, Where it will live I have no idea yet but If I have to put the telly in the Man Cave to make room so be it.

On a more calm note I did not manage to make the food bank, I did not get my car back until after 4.00, so it will be a double dip on Friday.

There it is, all shiny and new, Lovely man even washed it for me.

As I was "confined to quarters" I decided to get the washing done, dried and ironed and indulge in some more scrappy sewing and some baking.

I used some of the Lincolnshire cherry plums to make a crumble.

This is one beside a small Kiwi Fruit to give an idea of the size.
Here they are in the dish ready to be topped.

So far so free, how thrifty is that. The crumble topping took 150 gm plain flour, 75 gm buttery stuff and 75 gm sugar, I threw in a handful of oats just because I could. I do not add sugar to the fruit, it is quite sweet.

I made 2 ginger and marmalade loaf cakes and a 2lb Black Banana Cake, the black comes from the little chunks of dark chocolate that are in there. These may not be free but they are thrifty and have no enhancers or additives, the only thing that made them rise was the elbow grease it took for me to whizz the wooden spoon.

Bread rising, a friend from work went home for a holiday and brought me some Stoneground organic wholemeal Rye flour from her village bakery, they also grind it themselves, in the North of Poland.
This is one for us and one for her and her husband. Not quite free but 7 gm yeast and 2 tsp salt do not cost much.

I had to put some petrol in the car so popped into the library and found a few books, hopefully I will not touch these before we go to Wales.

So all in all a very thrifty sort of day, and no work until tomorrow, a very good day, one worth shouting about.

On  serious note, I was told today that the newspapers reported a police force was handing out food vouchers to shoplifters.
GOOD ON THEM! They have the resources to ascertain if the guilty party really is stealing to feed their family.
My concern is, why do they not know about food banks?

Is there a gap that needs plugging?

Is the information required getting to the right people?

And most important to me Is there any way that I can help?

I did not see the article, but am going to look online for it, so I have no idea where this happened,.There may not be a food bank in the area, but it looks like there should be.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A new to me vintage machine on its way.

2. A house full of the smell of baking.

3. My lovely neighbour Marina still with us.

4. Mobile again, I have not needed my car, but I felt as though my legs had been cut off, so to speak.

5. Empty laundry and ironing baskets.

That brings me to                       TTFN    Pam


  1. What a fabulously productive day! Where in Wales are you going? It's my most favourite place in the whole world and I'm going in a couple of weeks!! I'm taking free books passed on by my ma in law, which I will then pass on to my mum, who will pass them on to her friend etc!! I'm planning on a thrifty day tomorrow. No tv so no electric. But I will be making another 'Manky Veg' creation for my blog!!

  2. I will be just outside Cardigan, we go in May and August for a week and then some long weekends. This year we are there for Christmas as well. I love it there and if it was just me would have moved there ages ago. Once Francesca gets settled in London we will be starting the preparations to moving.

  3. Hi Pam, well done you, hope you have hours and hours of real enjoyment with your new Singer, and what a good friend you have too!

    I notice an Elizabeth George I haven't read, Believing the lie, I must look out for it - I LOVE finding a book I haven't read from an author I like! Know what you mean about 'saving' them, I am getting myself together a little box of 'goodies' to keep me occupied while Jim fishes when we go across to Walses later this month. Mine will include something to read, something to sew, and some doodling/journaling stuff, oh, and my camera OF COURSE!!
    So pleased your friend is with you still. Lxx

    1. I am hoping to fit my machine in the car, I do take hand sewing but as we are taking both cars there should be room. I am an early bird and Michael and Francesca are bed heads so I should get at least 2 hours a day, that's a quilt top.

  4. I like the North for the castles, however next year I will venture further south. My no tv day failed because the Uni one is watching it! I've just made Frugal Queen's ginger biscuits and for my Manky veg curry I'm going to give your veg hash a whirl! I'll link you in to my blog!

  5. I made the biscuits, they didn't make it to the tin!
    We are spending a day in Aber on the way down this time, we have said so many times that we want to and then do not allow the time.
    How do you link me in?


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