Tuesday 27 August 2013

Tails on Tuesday

Well only one tail really, we have been to talk to the local pet rescue people and they do not have any smaller dogs that can be rehomed with another dog but we are on their waiting list.

Ben is loving his time with Junior and Kaitlyn and we will keep on full alert, we are checking the local paper as well.

We are at James's this afternoon and I have left my camera in the bungalow so no photos today.
I am getting on well with the hand quilting, but it is a hot job with the thick wadding that I am using.  I brought Tula  Pinks latest book, 100 modern quilt blocks with me. I am working my way through the book but using Aqua, Orange and Grey, this is my challenge to myself to get outside my comfort zone. I admit that I am still not enamored with the colours but the small blocks are very appealing. I will probably repeat the exercise with my go to colours.

We are enjoying some lovely weather so far, I am walking Ben in the cool early mornings and then again after dinner, I hope that allows for my extra calorie intake, cooked breakfast every day so far. I did resist all the Wild Boar sausages at St Dogs yesterday, and the burgers, pizza, chips, fudge, ice cream etc etc. I am trying to eat sensibly.
 We had jacket potato topped with a concoction  whipped up with left overs for dinner. I had some diced chicken in a lemon and herb dry rub in the fridge so I cut that down finer, sealed it oil with onion, garlic, red and green  pepper all finely diced, I poured over half a bottle of AF Thai Chilli and Lemongrass dressing and let it bubble for a few minutes till the chicken was cooked through. It was delicious, we had a chopped salad with it and were stuffed to the gills.

Tonight we are having Fish and Chips, we always have them for ONE meal when we are here and tonight's the night. Wednesday is Kaitlyns birthday and I am making Meatballs, we all love them and it is an easy meal.

Michael and I are going to a local "foodie" pub on Thursday for Dinner and then on Friday James, Cerys, Francesca and the children will be with us for a smorgasbord feast. Ribs, chicken and sausages in a sticky barbecue sauce, Thai style fish cakes, pizza, and homemade potato wedges. lots of talking, laughing and no doubt pool playing.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A relaxing time for us all.

2. Lots of time with Junior and Kaitlyn.

3. Really friendly people in the village that we are staying in.

4. Lots and lots of sewing time.

5. Brilliant weather.

That was quick but we have lots of ground to cover                 TTFN      Pam


  1. Hi Pam

    I am crossing everything that you find the dog of your dreams.

    Good to hear that you are getting on with your sewing and trying new ideas.

    I enjoyed hearing about your yummy meals. I think it's great to eat out at least once on a holiday. We did at the Newlyn Fish Festival yesterday. LOL!

    I love your reasons to be grateful. Might have to 'borrow' such a wonderful idea.

    Sft x

    P.s. Thanks for your reply to my question. It turns out when I attempted a cushion cover-using handsewing and hexagonals many years ago it was whip stitches i used. May have to give it another go.

    1. Try not to pull the stitches too tight or to put too many in, I pull my thread through a block of beeswax to prevent tangling. A thimble is essential or you end up with a perforated finger.

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  2. I was thinking of adding a '3 positive things today' to my blog as well Pam. Would you have any objection - don't want to be a copy cat :-) glad the holiday is going so well.

    1. Fill your boots, I borrowed the idea feel free to do the same. It is good to share and it makes me realise that even on a bad day i have so much to be grateful for.

  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you find another doggy to share your lives while you're there. I hope you enjoyed your fish and chips, we don't have them very often but we definitely enjoy them when we do.


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