Saturday 17 August 2013

Super Saturday Shopping

Before I show you what I bought, a question for you. Does anyone else collect Swag bucks?

I loaded it onto the laptop yonks ago and have accumulated enough for a couple of Amazon vouchers. I read the odd blog post where someone has acquired squillions of them, how? I can not sit and fill out inane surveys or surf the net hoping to trawl up extras. I do get bursts of 8 or so when looking for something specific but that is it.
On to the good stuff.

I finally made it into Wisbech today and made a beeline for Button Up & Stitch, a slight detour to buy super duper thick socks for Michael ( his feet are like dead fish on a marble slab) and then lots of quilty loveliness.
I was quite restrained really, I got the wadding that I needed and ordered a bolt of it. I could not get the exact thread but got a good substitute and ordered a box of what I want, what I really really want., Sorry I couldn't help myself.

Then on to the fabric, I have 2 quilt tops pieced so bought backing for both.

The fabric on the right is a pale aqua with a small white polka dot and very pretty.

This cheater print will be a cot quilt, I saw one ready made in the shop  and decided that one will be in my very near future, you can just see the lilac polka dot backing behind it.

This is to become binding, the small black pattern on white will be a perfect foil for the bright palette that I tend to use.

The background fabric was a half price remnant which will add some low volume to my scrappy patchwork. The fat quarter on the left is a new colour choice for me, I am trying to widen my horizons, and the two orange prints are for my Aqua, Orange and Grey Project, I have quite a bit of Aqua and grey now.

I had a new magazine issue drop through the letterbox on Wednesday,

This is the second issue and is just as good as the first. I have taken out the 3 monthly copies for £5.00 offer and if it is still as good will take a years subscription out.

A bit too busy even for me but I will use the window pane effect on my scrappy blocks.
Having looked back through I feel that it is the blue that is putting me off, it features in the blocks and the sashing. I must keep an open mind, see what I mean about being in a rut. Bad bad bad.

Some blocks from Tula Pinks latest book, it is on my bookshelf woo hoo.

This too is a little busy for me, but I am going to make it as part of  my getting out of a rut project.
It is also by one of my favourite quilty peeps, Katy Jones from I'm a Ginger Monkey blog.
I hope to attend one of her classes one day.

On the subject of classes, Button Up & Stitch are holding a class on Cathedral Windows in October. I am so going to take this, it is on my bucket list I just love it and the sample that is on their wall is in my go to colours.

Reasons to be grateful

1. A lovely gathering of fabrics.

2. Washing blowing on the line.

3. Francesca is doing the ironing.

4. Michael is making Pasties for dinner.

5. I have a weekend of sewing stretching before me.

Not such a frugal day you maybe thinking. I get immense pleasure from my sewing, price that up for me. 
I tend to gift what I make so I do buy all my materials at the best possible price, most of it is half price at least.
Not a scrap gets wasted, even the slivers that get trimmed off go into a bag and are used for stuffing small things.
I had a wonderful haul from the Local Charity Shop on Friday, 2 single duvet covers, 1 double sheet, 4 pillow cases and a single sheet, all 100% cotton for £4.00. This brings the overall cost of my fabrics to a level that is frugal enough for me.

So if anyone wishes to differ with me fill your boots and comment, I will not bite, I will answer I promise.       TTFN    Pam


  1. Love those fabrics Pam. You cannot put a price on the sheer enjoyment doing something you love.
    Enjoy every minute of it. Deb x

    1. Thank you Deb, It is my therapy as well as a legitimate way of avoiding housework, he he, when I do not feel like vacuuming or polishing. I was sewing until the early hours of this morning while Michael alternated between snoring gently and watching TV.

  2. I love the spotty fabric Pam!
    I have that patchwork mag too! I got it on special offer at the FOQ - haven't made my mind up yet whether to extend the subscription!
    BTW what are swagbucks??

    1. They are points that you collect as you look up things on line, I was sent the link to sign up to. I am not sure that it is worth the bother. I think that £5 for 3 issues is a good buy, I just hope that the standard does not fall. All I need now is an extra day a week to sew in.

  3. I have never heard of swagbucks! Glad you explained that to Gill above!
    I would love to know where you buy your gorgeous fabric, we really struggle round here to find any out of the ordinary.

    1. Have a look at Button Up & Stitch online, they are really good. If you also have a look at I'm A Ginger Monkey there is a list of offers and new products at various shops in the UK.

  4. That cheater fabric is so cute :)
    I like to buy new fabrics for gifting but I don't mind using charity shop buys or LETS traded fabrics for my own stuff or for someone who appreciates recycling/vintage fabrics. Overall it doesn't work out too expensive and you do get to create some beautiful gifts that would cost a fortune to buy so I reckon whatever you spend is well justified anyway.

    1. Luckily my friends love vintage and recycled things, but then so do we. Francesca will hopefully (for her not me)be moving to London this year and will need a stack of things, she is taliking about quilts and cushions and curtains, bless her heart.

  5. When I look in CS - the bedding seems to be a Polycotton not the 100% cotton type. Am I just not looking enough - is there much 100% stuff out there?

    1. The answer is no, I have to really search and to find that lot it took me nearly an hour to empty three shelves and sift through everything that looked as if I could use it. I was very lucky and it could well be weeks before I find any more cotton. If I want some darker colours I look at men's shirts, there are usually lots of 100% cotton ones and if you find the larger sizes can get masses of fabric.

  6. Used to do swagbucks but gave it up as too time consuming, much more interesting things to do. Enjoy Wales.

    1. I will do my very best, I think that the grandchildren will help the enjoyment factor. I will visit a couple of Charity Shops in Cardigan and a lovely Quilty shop in Lampeter.


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