Monday 26 August 2013

Hello From Wales

We are settled in for the week, we had a very good journey down after leaving at 03.30 and driving through a magnificent electrical storm. 2 stops en route mainly to let Ben "do the necessary",although we did stop in Aber for a cup of tea.

I managed to squeeze Toya in so I have had a little sew time and only need 2 more rows on the "Tumbling Charms" quilt top.

A 4" border and is cut and the binding is cut and pressed ready to finish the top and  I also have the batting and backing.

I have been hand quilting the pink cheater fabric quilt for Kaitlyn and hope intend to have it finished before we leave.
I do not plan on buying fabric here but I am going to visit a quilt shop in Lampeter tomorrow he he.
It is a lovely little town and we will spend the morning there, then join the family for the afternoon.
We went to St Dogmaels  today, there was a medieval fair in the Abbey and we spent a couple of hours walking and looking at all the stalls, we tried to persuade James to try out the ducking stool, but he would not play. BOO.

There are large chunks of walls still standing and the footings are quite extensive.

I noticed that there has been more works done on the castle, I will post that later in the week.
The cottage is quite large, it is a residential property really and is well equipped although dated.

My favourite feature, it works!

I took over the table, sewing at one end, tea at the other and a book and some chocolate in the middle, hand sewing  next to the tea.


Comfy lounge, coffee and welsh cakes up and running in 5 minutes.

The double bedroom, there is another larger room with twin beds.

Large bathroom, Junior wanted to wash his hands in the bidet, bless him.

There is a pool table in the garage, Junior shows signs of being a Hustler.

And Kaitlyn was just happy to feed her face.

She was showing off her new shoes at the same time, multi tasking already!
Her cheater quilt is out in the background, I am determined to leave it behind.

Then suddenly it was lights out and nap time.

That will do for today, we have had a hectic 3 days and are ready to go for a little walk with Ben.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Quality family time.

2. Clean fresh air and soft Welsh water.

3. A comfy home for the week.

4. Sewing time every day, win win.

5. Michael is cooking, double win win.

I hope your week is coming good                              TTFN    Pam


  1. Glad to hear you arrived safe & well and the accommodation looks lovely for your stay! (I remember I wanted to wash my hands in a bidet the first time I saw one too!) :)

    Enjoy your break!

    1. Junior was convinced that is was a sink for children ans was quite put out when we explained what it was really for. I think that he will be talking about this when he goes back to nursery school next week.

  2. Looks a lovely place! Hope you have a great time Pam but I had to smile to myself when you said you didnt plan on buying any fabric!! I bet you cant resist!

    1. I have been very abstemious only 3 fat quarters far he he.

  3. I always enjoy your reasons to be grateful! I share Anne's grin about your plan for not buying fabric. Why change your habits just because you're in another country!

    1. I really did not PLAN to buy fabric, but I subscribe to the motto " never let an opportunity pass by" A quick visit to Calico Kate in Lampeter and 3 fat quarters were purchased, very frugal. I just do not want to buy much, I have several projects on the go and some more planned and all the fabric has been bought for them. Space is very scarce and we have exciting plans for next year ( all will be revealed later).

  4. Hi Pam

    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time already! Glad you got through those electrical storms unharmed! We like to leave early when we drive down to Cornwall but not that early!

    Your accommodation looks great! And I'm so glad you took your sewing. You produce such beauties.

    May I ask, are those hexagonal patches what you are hand sewing? If so which stitches do you use? And what are you making. Just being nosy!

    Have a great hol!

    Sft x

    1. They are hexies and I just use a whip stitch to join them. The plan is to make a quilt for our bed but Francesca has her eye on them!. When I start sewing them together I will post some photos.

  5. Looks a lovely place you are staying in, I love Wales. Relaxing with the family and your sewing..... perfick!

    1. It is lovely, very old fashioned but I am here to see family and more of Wlaes not to study interior design. It is spotlessly clean, very warm and very comfortable. It has all the basics and I always take my own "serious" cooking kit with me. Funnily enough we looked at a place this morning that reminded me of "the Darling Buds of May" the book not the sanitised TV version.

  6. Hope you have a wonderful vacation. I really like your quilt, the tumbling charms is a new pattern to me.

    1. I have sent you an e mail Rhonda. I got the pattern from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. They have some very good tutorials, and I have bought fabric from them also.

  7. Hello Pam,
    I have just joined as a new follower and am enjoying your blog.
    I'd like to know more about the Tumbling Charms quilt also.
    Is it a free pattern on the Internet or a purchased one?
    Thank you,


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