Friday 9 August 2013

Post Op Day

We had a loooooong visit at the hospital in Kings Lynn yesterday. Michael's appointment was for 14.30 so we arrived 5 minutes before, as you do, to find an empty waiting room. Ho ho, I thought, we are the FIRST.
1 hour later and there are a few more peeps and we are still in the same place........................................
another 15 minutes and they call him in.  WOO HOO  soon be out of here I thought. 3 minutes later he comes out...................What's occurring?..........Waiting for the anesthetics to take effect, ok, I get that. ................20 minutes last they call him in, then two more medical types go in and I start to get concerned. Another 10 minutes or so and out he comes, drooling and dribbling and talking scribble.
Nothing new there then. he he
Apparently the tooth was lying on its side and caused a bit of bother but there are no stitches and it looks tidy.
No solid food for 24 hours, no hot liquids for 24 hours. Off to the freezer and out comes soup, off to the shop and out comes Thick Chocolate Fudge Milkshake YEURCH, how could he, how could anyone?

By the time all this had happened it was time for me to shower and get ready for work., That went very well for once and I got away at 3.00. I had to deliver the car to the body shop at 8.00 for the repair work from my accident this morning. I went straight to bed to find Michael sprawled across the bed with an abandoned plate and an empty milkshake bottle. He woke up and 'fessed up to having a bread roll with sausage, cheese and much for no solid food!!!

When my alarm went off at 7.00 I flew up the bed as though a giant wasp had stung me somewhere very tender. The car has been delivered and comes back on Monday. I intend to do a little blitzing here and there and a great deal of sewing. 
I will post photos as I go.
Tonight's dinner is "you know who,s" bacon chops cooked in cider with mashed potato, carrots, cauli and broccoli. I have a recipe for banana and chocolate muffins that I want to try out. I also have to plan a celebratory meal for Francesca signing her contract, we will have that on Sunday when Michael s mouth is a bit more healed.

Reasons to be grateful

1.  Michael is sleeping off the anesthesia/painkillers.

2. Francesca has just rung me and is elated about her job.

3. I do not go to work until Tuesday.

4. The sun is shining after some lovely rain.

5. My washing is on the line.

all is well with my world                    TTFN      Pam 


  1. Calm after the storm! Enjoy your well deserved break, Pam! Lx

  2. Good to hear things are ok in your neck of the woods. Enjoy your sewing. I waved to you yesterday when we roughly passed your village on our way home :-)


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