Thursday 15 August 2013

Thursday through and through

After starting the week on the wrong day, he he, I am being a titchy bit pedantic about pointing out that I do know what day it is, really I do, I did not have to put the TV on to check, well maybe I did have a little sneaky peek. Just to make sure, you understand.

Last night at work was quite hectic and my joints all know that I did a lot of lifting. I am having an easy peasy day to coddle myself along.

I have made my bread dough in the stand mixer and it is kneading away, my wrists are not up to that job today.

Dinner is early as Michael has to start at 5.00 and we are having a simple omelette, filed with finely diced peppers, onions, celery and a little hot chili cheese. A pile of salad leaves will be served with it.

The weather is humid and sticky, I would not mind but Ben is in  full on "play with me" mode, he doesn't care about the weather, just whether he can persuade us to run around with him.

I have not even got the energy to play with the new Singer, once Michael leaves for work I will uncover her and have a little while putting her through her paces, and I must find a name for her.

My Toyota is Toya, no imagination that day for sure. The little Janome is Lulu, she is tiny but a real little dynamo! The 1960's Singer is Barbra one of my favourite singers of all time. I have a sneaky feeling that this one may be named Shirley, La Bassey's voice is still amazing.

I have failed miserably in my intentions, I have started reading my Library books and I have started the Falling Charms Quilt blocks. Truthfully all the blocks are made and I have started to assemble the top, I will show it tomorrow, I am so enervated that I can not call up the energy to take a photo, how bad is that.

Reasons to be grateful

1. Fresh baked bread is on it's way.

2. A really easy tasty dinner likewise.

3. Ben has finally settled down on his quilt.

4. The sun is shining, and I am here to see it.

5. A Four Day Weekend is just around the corner.

On a down note I am almost out of white cotton thread so must go and buy some tomorrow, unfortunately the A1101 to Wisbech is closed at Leverington so I will have to go via the back roads. But while I am visiting Button Up & Stitch I need to buy the wadding for two quilts and I may have a little look see through the fat quarters and pull some new colours into my stash.
I usually buy yardage but a fat quarter is enough of a new colour, if I can not live with it I can chop it up and incorporate it into my scrappy patchwork.

My bread dough needs me so it is      TTFN    Pam


  1. I hope you have a nice rest tonight. Your dinner sounds yummy!

    Sft x

    1. Dinner was very yummy and yes I did have an easy night because when I got in I put my foot down and said NO I would not be running 2 lines. I read a blog post yesterday about learning to say NO and it was fresh in my mind.

  2. So pleased I am not the only one to name machines etc. Late MIL's Singer treadle is Geraldine and a friend calls hers Fifi. Still searching for a name for my 'new' to me Janome and my trike is called Mathilda in deference to the fact we are both built for comfort not speed. My dinky little Toyota Yaris is Tootsie which I take no responsibility for as daughter mk11 named that one and we wont go into my rubber plant that I named Rodney!

  3. I see nothing wrong in naming friends and that is what my machines are to me. I picked up two more Singers yesterday, word has got round that I will rescue them. One is a tiny little pink thing and the other is a cream 8602, all it needs is a new tension spring and a clean.


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