Tuesday 13 August 2013

What Day Is It Then?

I am remiss in not mentioning some new followers, as you will see as you read down it is not that I am deliberately ignoring you, I am just scatterbrained on a good day and brainless on the rest. hello and welcome aboard. I hope you are entertained by my ramblings, please jump in and leave a comment from time to time, if only to reassure me that I haven't sent you off with the screaming abdabs.

Hands up anyone who spotted my "deliberate" not error, yesterday was A Manic Monday, full on with bells and whistles. Today is Totally Tuesday. Take one woman whose mind wanders off on its own, add in a day spent indulging in sewing and baking, throw in empty laundry and ironing baskets, stir well and garnish with a FREE vintage Singer.
It is no wonder I got my days muddled up, I am just so relieved that I did not go into work, that would have been the UTTER END.
I am off to pick her up tomorrow.That will be Wednesday, note to self, I put it down to the still glorious weather.
The Black Banana Cake is soooo good, but then it is a Nigel Slater recipe so it is a given that it will be moreish and just about irresistible. The ginger and marmalade cakes were for my neighbours, we are not that greedy, well perhaps we could be if I had not passed them over as soon as they were cool enough to handle. If it isn't there we can't pig out on it.

I watched a tutorial on the Missouri star Quilt Co a few days ago, if you remember, I spent ages surfing the net looking for white Honey Buns. Just as I was realising my error in yesterdays blog title I had a "EUREKA MOMENT" Tucked away with all my rulers I have one of these.

Product Details

It is a wonderful gadget and I bought it ages ago when I needed How Many? 2 1/2" strips for a set of quilts in a tight colour group. The cost of buying Jelly Rolls would have been astronomical as at least half of each Roll would not have been usable for the project. I bought yardage, the Shape Cut and did it myself.
I have dug it out of the cupboard and later on I will be slicing like a woman possessed into my White yardage.
I picked some more Cherry Plums this morning and will stone and freeze them later on they will be mixed with the apples, pears and blackberries from the garden and feature in all sorts of puddings, pies and cakes during the winter. I did stash a lot of diced mango in there, well at 50p each for huge ones from work it would have been rude not to.
I do not freeze much veg, it takes up loads of room and the saving is not that big, what I do not grow I get in the village or from the staff shop at work. The big exception is Veg Hash, on my shopping day I empty the fridges and clean them, all bits and bobs of veg, celery, peppers and so on get whizzed round in the processor with some onions, carrots and garlic and frozen in tubs, just the job for starting a curry, chilli, shepherds pie base etc any recipe that says finely dice one onion blah blah blah, will benefit from a tub or two of veg hash. Plus you have saved the time chopping and washing up, and the tears that go with the job.
Before I start pressing the white cotton I am going to rummage in my cupboard to see if there are any more treasures that have slipped my mind. Now if I were to find that long arm quilter in there, complete with frame.................It's a cupboard not the Narnia Wardrobe, I know that I really do but it is nice to day dream, just a teeny bit.
Besides if I had one of those in the cottage I would be living in the Man Cave, fate worse than.......
being at a quilt show with your purse at home on the coffee table!
Ben enjoyed his walk this morning although he got a shock when a cat shot out from under a parked van and almost ran him over, quickly followed by a second cat who ran slap into him. I don't know who was the most surprised, but there was a split second Mexican Stand Off while the three of them looked at each other, and I held my breath for a life time, and just like a Tom & Jerry cartoon they all moved together, the cats legged it over the field and Ben looked under the van just in case!

I do hope that the remainder of my day is less eventful, I do like a peaceful life.
Tonight's dinner will be a Tuna Pasta Bake, we have not had it for a while and it will be served with salad for Michael and I and Veg for Francesca.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Only 28 hours to my "new" Singer.

2. Another glorious day (and no laundry!)

3. Watching a little Jack Russell tearing around for the joy of it this morning.

4. A free addition to the freezer, for my winter table.

5. The news that an old friend, who has been quite ill is on the mend.

Which brings us back to                        TTFN    Pam.

PS if anyone would like the recipe for Black Banana Cake let me know and I will email it, I do not think I am allowed to publish it here.


  1. I.d like the recipe please it's
    And next time I go to a quilt show I'm deliberately leaving my purse on the table. Still, now I've bought a nice simple utilitarian sewing machine I can actually use quilting is finally being done here:-)
    Best wishes

  2. Recipe sent, so what machine have you got then? I am dreadfully nosy, ahem I mean interested of course. I am still thinking of a Juki or a Janome straight stitch workhorse. I have just about killed my Toyota, she has done the equivelent of 10 years sewing in the 4 that I have had her, and most of it has been pedal to the metal flat out hard graft.

  3. It's the Viking Husqvarna 'Eden Rose', just a standard mechanical machine and exactly what I've been looking for. I'm really pleased with it.
    It was well within my price range and I liked it better than the Juki - didn't try the Janome though.

  4. Sorry - forgot to say thanks for the recipe!

  5. Can you tell me where to get that ruler in the UK please?

    1. I got mine from either Cotton patch or Amazon, I cut 2 1,2 meters of fabric this morning in next to no time. Given the cost of Jelly Rolls that is a good saving.


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