Monday 19 August 2013

Triangle Buddy, as requested.

Morning all and a very nice one it is, after our busy busy day yesterday we chilled out on the sofa last night and caught up with an episode of Lewis and a had a good giggle over repeats of The Big Bang Theory.
I was up and about quite early and had a quick catch up on blog reading and found a few new ones to follow, BTW I do read Miss Townmouse and thoroughly enjoy it, Sharon is a working Mum, living in Ballarat Australia, who gardens and has a collection of hens, big and small and guinea pigs complete with babies, and cats who all live in harmony. Like most of us she enjoys a good rummage in an "op shop" similar to our charity shops. She has been blogging for a while and would really like a few more followers, pop over and have a look and see if you like her.

Anyhow, I mentioned my quilting buddy yesterday and had a request as to what it is and how it works. I got the idea from Bonnie at Quiltville Quips & Snips, you will find it in the tips and hints under bonus triangles.
The size I use most is with a 5" charm square so I will show that one.

This is one way of marking to make HST, draw a line on the diagonal and sew 1/4" either side and cut on the line.

With the quilt buddy I draw two line along the edge of the buddy and sew on these lines. When I use  5" Squares I get a 4 1/2" HST block that finishes at 4", you lose 1/4" off each piece on every seam. So To make my Buddy I drew a 4 1/2" square onto cardboard and cut it out, I then cut it in half on the diagonal giving me 2 buddies.
When sewn and cut they look like this.

Not any real difference from the look of them, on the traditional one I cut on the drawn line, on the buddy one I cut between the lines

This is the buddy HST block under my 4 1/2" square up ruler, nothing to trim yippee I hate trimming.

This is the traditional HST block there is trimming to do on the right side and along the top.

This is what I had to trim off, it doesn't look much does it? Try making a double bed size quilt using these blocks that's "How Many Blocks To Trim" Try trimming well over 300 squares and see both how long it takes and how much your back aches!

Yes it does mean that I draw 2 lines instead of 1 but I park my bum on the sofa get the coffee table set up and draw in front of the telly, or I have music playing or radio 3, sometimes Francesca and Michael join me on the sofa and we just chat along for however long it takes me. Quality time together and the bonus that if my hands are drawing lines they are not shoveling putting chocolate into my mouth.

Time to 'fess up. Ages ago I bought some "thangles" these are paper strips to make 4" finished HST blocks, I bought them for a quilt and then changed my mind and made a rail fence block instead. I found them yesterday when I did my tidy up. These are used with 4 1/2" strips of fabric and I must give them a try out, I think that it will be even faster than the buddy method BUT only if I want several blocks the same colours. As soon as I do have a go I will post it. It is 10 50 and to my shame I am yet to shower and dress, I have had a self indulgent morning but will be sewing like mad later, I have cut the borders for another hug quilt, when I made the first one I made far too many blocks, I wanted to use all those fabrics from my stash, and a border made from 5" strips around the already pieced top will make the quilt the correct size.
I also have started to sew a jelly roll into strip sets for another rail fence quilt, it is a good job that i am taking Toya to Wales, she will earn her keep in the evenings for sure.
We will be spending the days with James, Cerys and the children but like to lower the portcullis and raise the drawbridge in the evenings. Michael will watch TV, read or listen to music and I will sew, we will chatter on and rehash the day, make plans for the next day and sometimes just enjoy the comfortable silence for a while without any talking at all.

Reasons to be grateful

1. Michael is in the kitchen washing up.

2. The sun is shining and the birds are singing.

3. I have a cup of coffee at my elbow, made by Michael.

4. I have today and tomorrow to sew as I please. work tomorrow night.

5. I am happy and content both in and with my life.

I will drink my coffee, shower and dress and take Ben out, he has had a tear round the garden and the door has been open since around 7.30 so he is not desperate. In truth I need the walk as much as he does.

I nearly forgot to tell you, I was serving up dinner last night and had planned to fill the steamer base with boiling water and white vinegar, I do this every other week to prevent limescale forming. Our water is very hard and my first steamer died young because I neglected it. I grabbed the steamer and went to the sink only to be pulled up short and have the hot water splash over my left hand, I had forgotten to pull the plug from the socket. So I ate my dinner standing at the kitchen window with my left hand in a bowl of cold water and sea salt. No blisters no red marks just quite tender skin especially between my fingers 
More Haste Less Speed, I was in too much of a hurry, nuff said.

So another reason to be grateful, I knew how to treat that scald.
That brings me to                         TTFN    Pam


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog its much appreciated. I hope your hand is feeling a bit better yow .

  2. Luckily the cold water did the trick, it is a bit pink and the skin is sensitive but no blisters.

  3. Glad to hear your hand is feeling better, it could have been so much worse. You could have been out of commision for sewing!

    1. That does not bare thinking about, although it was my left hand.


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