Thursday 22 August 2013

Confessions Of A Lazy Kind

Good afternoon to one and all and a hello and welcome to another follower, I did not expect to gather followers but it is a little thrill to log on and see the number has gone up. So thank you very much.

My confessions are, first apologies to Donna and Jennie, your thread will be in the post tomorrow, I took some time to empty all the storage boxes in my bedroom to make sure that I did not miss any, there is plenty for both of you. BTW did you realise that you live fairly close to each other? My sister in law lived in Eastleigh and then Havant many years ago and I was down there at least 3 times a year but no where near you two.

I still have not found my Quilting safety pins, I am annoyed to say the least, I have 2 quilts to baste and 500 pins cost me quite a packet and I need them soon,  very soon.

Second confession, we are having "ding curry" tonight, all I will have to cook is some rice, I have naan bread in the freezer RTC 20 p ages ago, the curries cost 25 p each from the staff shop and the rice is a basic range 42 p a kilo, I will cook a small cereal bowl full about 10 p, so dinner will cost the princely sum of £1.05 plus the electricity, not bad. The curries come from one of our group factories and are very good, although I would not pay the retail price, they are a good standby and I can not make them at that price.

Third one, we will have a fridge bottom meal on Friday night and if there is not enough I will put a tray of potato wedges in the oven and serve them with grated cheese sprinkled over and baked beans.
Debs and David are up for it, like us they cook from scratch most of the time and quite enjoy a homemade " junk fest" dinner now and then. to make it worse I have a pack of white bread rolls (RTC 10 p) in the freezer so "chip butties" oozing tomato ketchup could well be on the menu as well.

Fourth one, We had Fish and Chips last Friday from the chippy in Long Sutton, the owner used to work with me and they are second to none. I had had a busy day, Francesca rang to say she would be home early, and I had lost my cooking mojo. It cost £10 which is a huge cost for 1 meal but it was sooooo worth it.

Now comes the crunch, Francesca broke down on her way home last night, well her car did! Cam belt OMG, just hope the valves are OK We have cover and she was sorted and home within 1 1/2 hours, the car is in the garage and I will find out the damage when we are on holiday. we were planning on taking both cars so at least we will make a saving on petrol. Thank goodness for the emergency fund.
 we have just had a quick down pour so the washing will be on the horse later.
Reasons to be grateful.

1. Planning ahead.

2. A shower for my garden.

3. Easy peasy ding dinner.

4. Thoughts of a new dog.

5. One more shift to go. woop woop

That's all for now Toodles         TTFN   Pam


  1. Ooh Pam, I am having fantasies about chip butties oozing with tomato ketchup on white to control myself though, still WWatching!

    1. I will pass on those, once David and Michael get near them you wont see them for dust.

  2. A chip butty HAS to be white bread, no question about it!

  3. Oh my goodness, cam belts aren't cheap..grrrr... I need to be saving up an emergency fund along with my Christmas money really.

    Hope you have a safe journey and a fantastic time dear lady.


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