Saturday 10 August 2013

Orange and Aqua, with some grey on the side

Remember the little blocks that I did not like? I thought that they were too scrappy and then I discussed it with Michael. He reminded me of a saying from Bonnie Hunter, " if a fabric is ugly you just haven't cut it small enough", so I set to with ruler and rotary cutter, Toyota and iron.

I got these little stacks and I like them, all I need to do now is attack the strip sets and see how they turn out, as for the large block, I still do not like it so may have to persevere with the ripper. Big Sigh!

I also set to and made the block for my swap.

I am afraid that although it is better I still do not like it. I have decided that the components are just too big for my taste, so I am going to repeat the block on a smaller scale.

I had a little stack of "bonus" HST blocks,

I like these, which proves my theory, and the myth, size does matter!!!
They are pressed and waiting to be trimmed, a job that I do not really enjoy.

I had a quick look in the garden  and the herbs are really loving this weather.

You can just see the three wise monkeys hiding in there along with an elderly Koala clinging to his branch.

I am going to cut and sew the rest of my Orange fabrics with some Aqua and Grey into small blocks, I will then look for a background to make them stand out. I intend to make them into a single size quilt.

Talking about quilts, I watched the latest tutorial from The Missouri Quilt Co. yesterday and have to make one myself. It requires a white Honey Bun, rather than go on line and order some I put it off until today. 
BIG MISTAKE. They are out of stock, so I trawled the net for 20 minutes and NOTHING. Not a sausage, not even a sniff of one. Yes I could cut them myself and I do cut Jelly Rolls but these little treats are only 1 1/2" wide and the margin of error is high, I could find myself wasting more fabric than I use.
So if any of you know where I can get them please let me know.

I am making meatloaf for dinner, we will have it with mashed potato and baked beans. Comfort food, I think it is the US version of Cottage Pie and we love it, I make enough to have some cold for sandwiches.
Tomorrow we are having Pork Shoulder in a tomato and chilli sauce, it is marinading now and will be in the slow cooker in the morning.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A garden full of good things.

2. The empty laundry basket.

3. My Swap Block done and ready to post.

4. Ben, lying behind me on the sofa back snoring gently.

5. The Lincolnshire wild cherry plums are ripening, yum yum.

These little plums are about the size of a Cherry Tomato, shaped like a cherry but with the oval stone of a plum. They are sweet, juicy, delicious and best of all   FREE.

I am about to enjoy a mug of tea, Fran is in the kitchen, and then I will put the oven on,i need to make some scones and maybe some cup cakes.      TTFN       Pam


  1. hello pam - I'd love to send you the bon marche top - email me your address and I'll get it in the post

    1. Thank you Froogs, I had forgotten about that top. My mind not only wanders it sometimes leaves the building altogether. Pam

  2. You might not like the blocks but I think the colors are beautiful! blessings, marlene

    1. It is a good thing that we do not all want the same, can you imagine the fights in the LQS. The orange is growing on me but will end up in a donated quilt. Pam

  3. I do agree, the smaller blocks are better. Do't hate your orange, I always did, but have grown to like a quilt or two with it in.
    Speaking of comfort food, we had stuffed marrow tonight - beef mince with onion, mushrooms, lots garlic and garden herbs and a stock cube. Served with more comfort food - cauliflower cheese! And not a green veggie in sight other than the marrow - which was actually an overgrown courgette. They are going great guns in the garden, one of the few veggies which have done well this year.

    Good luck with the rest of the piecing! Lx

    1. Oh my word, I haven't cooked stuffed marrow for years, our favourite filling was sausage meat with onion, apple and sage. I have also had it peeled and diced, cooked with brown sugar, fruit and raisins and made into a pie, or served with rice pudding. Pam x

  4. Reasons to be grateful is always a beautiful touch love it. x

    1. Just copying a friend but I quit like adding it in too. Pam x

    2. That Bonnie Hunter quote is too funny

    3. Bonnie is the Queen of Scrappy and I watch her when she goes live, I have learned a great deal from her. We used to get Quilt in a Day on TV but that went years ago. Now we have a channel dedicated to selling stuff you don't want while they do some very ordinary sewing.


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