Wednesday 29 July 2015

A Bargainicious Day

I like Wednesdays, some people call them "the hump" as once you are over them the week is over halfway through. I use them to gauge how my week is progressing. This one tells me that I have done well, there are only 2 and a bit things left on my list and I intend to get through them by Saturday evening.

This Wednesday is a Red Letter Day though. First the sun was shining, always an auspicious start to any day. Second the Postie brought me a parcel, small so obviously something lovely, oh boy but it was soooo lovely.
Sooze, Her Indoors, Him Outdoors, had very kindly sent me a gift.

A glorious crochet wash cloth, some heavenly soap and a very pretty card. I will be using these, even though I could quite easily put the crochet in a frame and hang it in my sewing room. Thank you very much Sooze.

I went out this morning to help a friend and neighbour find a Gazebo, that did not happen but I found some ab fab bargains.
The shop that we went to is closing for a complete refurb and all the stock is on sale, 30 - 40 % off.
I saw so many things to tempt my hand into my purse but resisted until I saw these

A telescopic lopper and saw, 40% off and a reliable make. I have quite a bit of tall shrubby growth to remove so snapped this up.

I had a look at the plants, most of them were gone over or battered about, then I spotted these little hostas. Both just had to be mine, I am looking for plants for a shady area. Even better when I got to the tills, which were snowed under, neither would scan. The operator called for help but nobody came. The area supervisor came over and tried to scan, looked at the queue and just gave them to me. Woop Woop.
The one on the left is a pale pink and the other will be lilac. I have pots for them and will be potting them on when they start to die back. The pink is actually 2 small plants and both my ones in the garden are large and will need to be divided so I will have 7.

I fancied something light but nutritious so finding a fat courgette decided on fritter/Bahjis. Grated cougette, 3 heaped Tbsp Gram flour, 1 egg and a splash of milk, salt, pepper and ground cumin, mixed together till a stiff batter and drop in spoonfuls in a hot pan. 3 minutes, or thereabouts, each side and a dollop of mint and yogurt stirred together on the side.
Just the ticket, I may round it off with a fresh peach later. They were on half price offer in Lidl last weekend, and were less than 10p each.
Now to my list, the last job in the sewing room is done.

A simple job, My thread holder is now screwed to the wall and my two scrap bins are under it, under them is my bin of large yardage cuts, 3 mtrs and upwards. The sewing room is done......for now.
The quilt that was on the frame is done and off, I will be binding it tomorrow, and the next one will go on later.
I have 2 more quilts to get done this week and as they are small it will not take too long. 
Then I can start the next list, first job is the slobbers that I have to make. The overlocker is ready, blade lowered to make sewing round the pockets easy and the fabric is pressed and hung out ready to go.

Yesterdays post was a bit disjointed, I had a mostly sleepless night and was rather woolly headed. I love my new iron, I never ever thought that sentence would come from my brain.

Now it is time to feed Ben and settle him down for the evening, maybe a cuppa and and look through the net for shade loving plants.

              TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. Sounds like a great day!! The crochet cloth is beautiful, and what could be better than free plants hey! xx

    1. There is only one thing better than a free plant....another to go with it. he he. I am still admiring my lovely face cloth, but I will use it \i will take it to the Quilt Festival so that Francesca can see it.

  2. I'm glad you like them, Pam. How lovely being given those Hostas! Such healthy looking ones with lovely flowers. I bought 2 recently, they're being quite slow to get going and no sign of any flowers yet. The sewing room looks very nice and organised, you've done a good job there.

    1. One of mine is a late flowering type so let them take their time. I am very happy with my sewing space now.

  3. Great bargains AND freebies! I tried growing them here but it was Hostas Nil, slugs triumphant!!!

    HOW tidy and organized your sewing room is. Mine is in two places (3 when I use the kitchen table!). Ah well . . .

    1. My Hostas will stay in pots and I will be winding copper wire round them. Home Bargains have a good selection of plants in today, I managed to restrict myself to 3 plus 1 for a gift. The sewing is much better now that it is all confined in one place.

  4. Excellent news about the free plants. I really like your thread holder too.

    1. It was a Christmas gift last year, I had it on my Amazon wish list along with a few other goodies and received the lot.

  5. LOL.. I've said that about a new iron too... and couldn't believe it either!

    1. I just can not figure out why it took me so long from getting to using.


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