Sunday 26 July 2015

Sunday Workout

The rain duly swept in overnight, I am sooo glad that I made the most of yesterday.
Mind you I am pretty pleased with today also, I have done some juggling in the sewing room but it is not ready to share yet. That just means that there are so many piles on the floor that I can not get a decent pic of what I have done. Tomorrow there will be a car load going to the CS and Tuesday another to the library.

I may have got a bit carried away, the sitting room has been completely turned around and is done......I have to sit in comfort.

The view from the door way BB. ( before Ben) Once he gets going the cushions will be arranged to his liking.

Ben,s nest. His choice, it was in front of the radiator but he decided to move it, I just noticed that he also took his cushion off the sofa as I walked over to take the pic. Men!

As I still have not made my mind up as to the curtain/blind/colour/pattern situation I have got the fairy lights back up here as well as the book case.

For the second time this week the Glory Hole has been emptied. This time the shelf units have been changed and my store of chutneys and preserves has gone in. Also a stack of things that are only used at odd times, this has freed up space in the kitchen. NOT to be filled again but to give me more room. I am not shouting at you, just myself.

Tools on the right, those mugs have got to go, there are just too many.

Kitchen stuff on the left. At the back is the table saw and all the drills, saws, routers etc etc that I may just use one day. The bright light is the reflection from my Winter Dog Walking trousers, not only waterproof but Hi Viz, essential in the dark mornings and evenings.

The books, DVD,s and CD,s are waiting to be sorted through. Some will go on the book case in the sitting room, some will go on shelves upstairs and some will be packed away.

By this time tomorrow the sewing room will be finished, I can not cope with it any longer than that I need to get quilting.
I had a visit from Hilary of  Isabeau Inspirations yesterday, she brought me some 4 1/2" squares and a pack of scraps. She really is a wonderful friend, it is handy living just a few houses apart she just calls in on the way home.

Just noticed the time, better get in the kitchen and find some dinner.

The title, oh yes, I can assure you that I have had a good workout today.

                 TTFN                                                      Pam


  1. Hi Pam your house looks great I love the quilts and cushions, and the fairy lights look fab, gosh you have a lot of preserves there xx

  2. You have been busy! And just look at all those gorgeous patchwork cushions.....

  3. Gosh, well done. You have achieved lots, indoors and out, these past few days. Hangs head in shame . . .

    I can see there's no point in me giving YOU a pot of jam as a gift!!

    So, I take it you have a dedicated sewing room now, and you will need to try it out tomorrow to make sure it's exactly as it should be laid out!

  4. There is nothing like a good sort out and shift round even better when its a wet day outside, it rejuvenates you to get going again :-)

  5. You are one busy lady. Love your cushions , pantry and dear little Ben in his nest . Your nest looks beautiful . Now you just have your quilt show to look forwards to. Xxx

  6. Crikey, you have been busy. I bet you feel tired but satisfied :) Well done!

  7. Wow, you must be worn out after all that! At least you can go and relax in the living room now that is all done! xx


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