Friday 10 July 2015

Out and About with Tea and Cake

I had a glorious day out today, I drove cross country to visit Bovey Belle of Codlinsandcream2. Parts of the journey were down tiny little lanes festooned with the frothy heads of cow parsley and regiments of wild foxgloves, lined up 5 or so deep like soldiers on a parade ground.
I arrived to find a lovely old house, full of character standing in a lovely country garden. The scent of the roses wrapped around me as I got out of the car, the sun was beating down and gave me nearly as warm a welcome as Bovey Belle herself.
There is a pond, full of plants and fish, with a bridge to stroll over. There was a cat watching the fish with fierce concentration, almost as though it was trying to fathom out just what these bright little flashes were. 

I felt as though I had stepped into the pages of a Rural D.H.Lawrence novel, he managed to set the perfect scene and this was perfect for me.
After lots of tea and cake, Bovey Belle had a slab of Apple Gingerbread ready on the table and Dawn of Doing it for ourselves in Wales came along with wild Strawberry and Blueberry Muffins, we had a good look at the garden. We also had a nosey round the house, it is lovely. Quite large but not at all snooty, a true country farmhouse with lovely solid pieces of furniture, just looking so comfortable and welcoming.

Then I had to leave, I had a delivery to make in Cardigan for Junior, Kaitlyn and Faith. I went with James to collect them from school and we played in the garden for a while. I went in the Tee Pee and on the slide but drew the line at the trampoline.

The time to go home came all too soon, but the school holidays start soon and I will be back to visit again.

Now I am on the sofa with Ben snoring beside me, all I need is a brew and I will sit for a while and flick through my blog list.

                    TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. I'm giggling at you refusing to go on the trampoline! Sounds like a wonderful day x

  2. It was SO good to see you both Pam. The garden is so overgrown in parts and I am quite ashamed of it - but it's usually like that after June when I try not to be outside in the pollen too much. I'm glad you liked the good bits anyway and were very polite about the nettles where there shouldn't be any!!

    We'll all have to have a crafternoon or something. I could do with some quilt making tips as once I get on a sewing machine (rather than piecing by hand) it is disaster!

    Hoping we can meet up again soon (and thank you for the kind comments).

  3. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered, a lovely day out with friends and family xx

  4. Your day sounds wonderful, Pam, it must have done you the power of good :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! It is so great to meet up with bloggy friends - and other friends of course! - isn't it!! xx


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