Friday 17 July 2015

Hit the ground running

I had an early start to my day, Ben decided that 5:30 was the perfect time to get up and have a walk round the garden. I did not mind, I have a busy day ahead.
While the kettle boiled I made some basic scone mix  up and divided it between 2 bowls, one had a heaped tbsp of sugar and a handful of sultanas added, the other had a good amount of grated cheddar, the leaves off 2 sprigs of thyme and a grinding of black pepper. I beat 2 eggs into some stale milk ( I save it in the freezer)
and made the scones, I did add a tsp of wholegrain mustard to the cheesey mix.

These are a bit thin, they can be buttered on the bottom, rather than cutting in half, the recipient will not mind.

The cheese ones are  better, as you can see I do not faff about with cutters, just pat it out with the flat of my hand and slice with a knife. A little egg wash and 15 - 20 minutes in the oven, lovely.

When the scones came out I lowered the temperature and whipped up a ginger cake, recipe from John at Going Gently. I did put a bit more ginger in and added a few cubes of crystallised ginger chopped small, just because it was there and I like it.

Once the cake went in I set the timer for 40 minutes and decided to make another storage box, and remembered to take pics, lots of pics.

You need 2 outer pieces, mine were 11 1/2" by 17". There is no hard and fast rule, the bigger your rectangles the bigger the finished box will be.
2 lining pieces the same size, and 2 handle pieces, mine were 4 3/4 by 10.
These sizes were governed by the fabric that I used.

Cut 2 pieces of batting the same size as the outer fabric and quilt, I used a little 505 spray to hold them together. Just a few rows will be enough.

I set my stitch length to 3.5 and lessened the pressure on the foot to 3, just to make it easy on myself. Then place the pieces right sides together and sew 3 sides, leave one long side open, this will be the open top of your box. I just set the needle to the middle and use the edge of the presser foot on the edge of the fabric.

Using a small ruler I marked cutting lines, 2 1/2" in from the seam line on the bottom corners. Check and double check as I have cut both from one side, ruining the project. Then cut the square out with my scissors.

Holding the seams open I bring them together and pin the edges.

A birds eye view

I then sew the seam, I use the edge of the presser foot as a guide with the needle centered. A little pressing with the index finger helps the seams go through with no bother.
sew the lining together as well and mark, cut and sew the corners as before.
Now for the handles. I cut a small piece of wadding, about 1 1/4" wide by 10" long. Press the handles pieces in half, wrong sides together long ways, open  out and lay the wadding along the crease.

Fold the top flap over the wadding and press along the edge, watch that your iron does not touch the wadding. It is a bu***r to get off the sole plate.

Fold and press the bottom flap up and over to cover the wadding, press well and then stitch.

I set the needle to 1/4" width setting and keep the stitch length to 3.5, then sew down both edges and add as many rows of stitching as you like.

Pin the handles to the outside edge of the  bag outer, around an inch from the seam, I then stitch to hold them in place using a 1/4" seam.

Drop the bag, right side out into the liner, right side in and pin around the top. Mark a gap with 2 long pins on one side, this needs to be around 4" wide, you will be pulling the bag through here. Make certain that your bag handles are hanging down inside. The sew round the top leaving the gap between the pins open. take the pins out as you sew, you do not want to break a needle.

Put your hand in through the gap and grab a bit of the quilted outer fabric box and start to pull it through the gap.

You will need to be firm, it isn't called birthing for no reason.

There is the little gap, push the lining into the box, use your fingers to push the corners out. Go to the ironing board and press round the edge, I like to put the iron just inside the box and press, pulling the lining down so the outer fabric shows a little. Press all round, use steam on the seams if you need to and on the turning gap.

I have turned the box inside out to sew round the top with a 1/4" seam setting. I was too lazy to move the insert from my sewing table to use the free arm.

Here is the inside of the box, nice and roomy.

Full of my blue fabric, bigger than a 5" charm and less than  1/2 yard.

The side view, it measures 7 1/2" tall by 10 1/2" wide by 5" deep.
I made a smaller one earlier in the week using 2 rows of 3 charm squares on each side, measured the cut out square 2" from the side seam, and cut the handles 4" by 8". I quite fancy making a wider one, possibly square but would have to do some close quilting to help the sides stay firm. I will think upon it.

I hope that all of you who are still awake find this helpful. It took me almost 40 minutes from start to finish, the first one that I made took over an hour. There are lots of versions of this out there, I make some without handles,make the lining taller so it folds to the outside when made up.  Some I  make extra tall and fold a cuff over. The world is your oyster once you have the basic method
 under your belt.

Now for the garden.

                  TTFN                                                   Pam


  1. lovely tutorial Pam thank you may have a go at one later on :-)

    1. you will run them up in next to no time Dawn, they are so simple.

  2. That looks great, thanks for posting. Now to dig some fabric out.....

    1. Enjoy, it is so pleasing to have a quick make that is useful.

  3. I've never made scones in my life or even tasted one. You make everything look so simple. Like that storage bag. I could never make one to turn out that pretty! The scones look good. I could eat one covered in butter right now! :)

    1. Now then Henny Penny, I have seen your sewing. I am certain that you could make anything you wanted to.

  4. Replies
    1. No probs, it got me another colour knocked off the list, now for green purple and yellow.

  5. Lovely and so useful too. The scones look delicious, I could just eat one of each.

    1. I have to 'fess up to having a cheesey one as soon as it was cool enough not to take the skin off my tongue.

  6. Great scones, great cake, great basket! All round great! xx

  7. "It's not called birthing for nowt" best line ever!!


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